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Sunday, April 21, 2013

I am still here!

Once again I find myself distracted with real life and other oddities - not to fret I am still around and lurking! One thing to note that I have formed up with some other like minded gamers to form a new gaming site. Elite Gaming News - check us out today!
I will still be doing all my various shenanigans here but maybe a slight bit less formal game stuff - still doing gamer stuff but more personal perspective I guess.
I have also decided to get my life into a bit more control and have started to get healthier and in better shape using a program called RUSHFIT. To date I have lost 26 pounds and many many inches.
Other tidbits to talk about but man I need TIIIIIMMMME! Gosh I have no time! Anyways check us out above.
Elk Out! Later!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Far Cried to myself 3 times!

This man IS insane! Without him Far Cry 3 would be a totally different experience! I laughed, I cried (not really) and pooped my pants (figuratively!) but I had a HUGE blast playing the SP campaign of this wonderful game! This game is, if looked at properly, a perfect example how a stressful fucked up situation can drive man to insanity and back and make sense!

I won't really get into the story but suffice it to say not everything you see in the game is actually real? What I got out of it anyways is that some of the stuff that happens maybe does so in your head because, let's face it, immature party boys getting captured by pirates and put into a dangerous situation might make you a bit insane. If you can spot the nuances of the story maybe you might take it the same way as well. I thought the writers touched on this very well and left me some questions in the end about some of the "experiences". Basically put you escape, you kill, you learn and adapt and then you rescue and seek revenge only to discover that maybe you have gone over the edge and it brings you back, changed forever, but better.

You start off being just a immature party boy and slowly through travel, exploration and situations you have to fight out of in order to survive and save your friends you become a self sufficient killing machine. You hunt, hide, sneak and snipe. You drive, pick plants and loot dead bodies. You find long lost letters and relics and tap into things you dont understand. You drink and eat things you would never do. You discover that going over the edge can make you a better man and that you can be relied on! Really I can't say enough about this game - it was really fun and sucked me right into the world. The ending snaps you out of it and brings you back to the reality and that's how I chose the ending I did. I snapped out of it and came back...different but better.

Coop in Far Cry 3 is a crap shoot to be honest - I tried to get into it only to be left sitting there in the menu waiting for what seemed like 20 minutes without joining one sesssion. What I have heard from other people is the same - online coop is a gltichy poorly coded mess. Why Ubisoft decided to local matchmaking/hosting I wont understand! What is with these Devs?! Again like Halo 4 we have the same system that is once again broken! I think the best Xbox MP experience has been Gears of War 3 and Call of Duty Bo 2 so far. I haven't tried to buddy up with friends yet for Coop yet only because they are never playing FC3 when I am or they are when I am on another game! I still hear that it is broken with missions breaking, people falling out of maps, missions not updating and getting stuck or enemies not spawning or just plain crashing and booting guys. Achievements not unlocking is also a common problem but I hear it is better to game with buddies for the coop so I want this route when I get to it.

MP is still a mess (local matchmaking/hosting) but isnt AS broken as COOP - still when you can tell who the host is as he can run 600 miles per hour and drop you before you turn isnt fun. Again when the connection was working things ran smoother and the MP wasn't so bad then. Things seemed fairly balanced and more skill based when it ran smoothly. When you had a bad connection it was lag kills, spawn kills and zero skill was needed.

Overall you could skip out on the coop and mp and just focus on the SP campaign! If the game was JUST this I think we would have had a GOTY on out hands but the Broken Coop and Ok MP brings it down to mar the experience. I would recommend this game if you can find it discounted or used only because of the Coop or MP but would tell yuo buy it NOW NOW NOW! if was just the SP as it was worth every second to me!

Excuse me while I go clean my shorts.....

My First REAL Halo Experience

So I guess i am one of the few who have NEVER played Halo! Yep that's right, NEVER! I played a bit of ODST but I am told that is a crap game compared to the REAL Halo. I tend to agree as I had no clue what was going on in ODST and really didn't enjoy the game.

So the release of Halo 4 came and went and I never picked it up despite the Hoopla and Praise thrown it's way. I waited til the boxing week christmas sales and got it for dirt cheap. It sat on the floor for around 2 weeks before I got around to cracking it open! (Hey what can I say I have around 6 games on the go ATM so cut me some slack!) After finishing up the great SP campaign of Far Cry 3 (you thought I was gonna say Halo 4 didn't you?!) I decided to finally delve into Halo 4.

I started right off in SP (as I always do) on Legendary (not sure if this was smart given I have never played a Halo game before lol) and am just on the 2nd mission now. The game is pretty good but does have a few flaws for me but nothing that won't break me or stop me from continuing on. Don't like that you can't refill ammo from running over dropped enemy weapons and that you have to pick them up nor the fact that you can only hold 2 weapons. Don't like that programmers think that difficulty means every enemy points right at you when you run around like they know where you are at any moment! Lazy! Make them tougher, more health, smarter. This laziness of the harder the difficulty that more clued right into your exact position stuff seems like COD to me. These really are my only gripes with SP so far. Otherwise it feels very solid.

After dying for the 32nd time at this one checkpoint I decided to try out MP as I had read a few of my friends saying it was the best yet! I'm but when it takes and 8 gb install and then another 45 minutes to get into a first MP match that isn't the "best ever" for me. Still this day and age and Devs are still the ol' matchmaking/hosting? cmon guys it is called D-E-D-I-C-A-T-E-D S-E-R-V-E-R-S-! Get on that! I know I am a newb or N0ob or FNG but I know I can do better than getting me ass handed to me! Seems like everyone has auto headshots locked right onto me lol! I sit there and fire 3 clips into a guy and he spins and one shots me! I hate that game comes down to lag kills rather than skill kills. You can ALWAYS tell WHO the host is as he has 45 kills and 2 deaths as he has ZERO lag. I found that despite my super expensive internet speed that the game would constantly lag out or switch hosts resulting in a lot of deaths on my part. The other thing that bothers me is having the game constantly log me of or losing xbox live connection! In one 2 hr sesssion halo said I lost connection to xbox live 15 times! When I click my home button it showed me still connected! I would then have to leave then game and restart it for it to register I was still connected! That is bad net code! Another thing thing that needs to be fixed IMO.

It wasn't ALL bad though as when I did have a good connection to the host things went VERY smooth and I had fun and did very well sometimes having a 3 KDR by match ends and would finish top 3 in the match. I can only hope that future patches fix these minor gripes otherwise I won't be able to handle to lost connections and lag spikes.

So how I would even rate my time in the Halo Universe - good! With a heavy chance to being GREAT if things on MP could be fixed. I feel like I am getting my money out of the game and don't feel like I wasted it so that is another good thing. Unlike Assassins Creed III which I have to still go back and get the DLC and finish it up again - ugh (I paid for stupid season pass so I dont want to further waste my money on that one by ignoring it).

Anyways happy gaming! If you havn't added me yet on Xbox then: Elkon Vryce

Oops Borderlands 2 did it again!

So I was happily playing the New "Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt" DLC for Borderlands 2 and taking my sweet ass time and was actually stuck on Voracious the Invincible raid boss when bad things happened.

Let me back up a bit first. I had put around 10+ hrs into the DLC (yes I take my time because I WANT to enjoy the game) and was stuck on the last big boss (i started off will a million bucks in my pocket and by the time the event happened i was down to just over 100K) and was researching just how in the hell people were taking this guy on solo. I came home with a semi plan in place and failed miserably. Dejected went back to work to finish out the day and think further on just how the hell I was going to finish this guy without pleading for help from Xbox Friends!

Anyways I got home from work, had a beautiful Date Night with the Wife, watched a movie, watched the series finale of Fringe and then I was free to do whatever I wanted. I came downstairs and fired up my Xbox and launched Borderlands 2 not being terribly excited as from reading online accounts of how to beat the raid boss I was seriously underpowered and equiped to do the job. Good thing I wasnt playing through in TVHM and only on PT1 otherwise my level 41 Salvador would have just laid down and died. Then it the game was loading it said I hadn't set a storage device and needed to select one...dun dun DUUUUN! I knew right away....the game had glitched and if I was right then all my Badass Rank, Skins, Gold Keys and gear would be gone and maybe even a Character may be deleted. Game goes to menu and thanks me for buying Borderlands 2 and says it has found a previous save game from Borderlands. FUCK! Load up character after character and save and quit. SHIT! I went from having 37+K Badass Rank and 56 Gold Keys down to 21K and 11 Gold Keys. The gear I had in Claptraps Storage, you know my level 50 legendary gear, GONE! I was pretty bummed out as you could imagine. So I went to my computer and sent in a ticket to get this sorted out...AGAIN and then went back to my Xbox and tried to beat Voracious again.

I had been thinking about how to beat this guy all day long and had found out people were using a few things - things I had no way of getting at this stage. The 3 big things were the Norfleet RPG, the Tresspasser Sniper and the Sham Shield. If you were to be perfect you need 2 of the RPG's and 2 Snipers to pull it off quickly. I had 1 Tresspasser and it was a Level 21 weapon, yes level 21! I had very crappy gear but I had to make it work. My RPG's were only level 33 and 32, I had no shield (thank you Badass Glitch!) and I had a level 35 Fire Assault Rifle. I was using my Level 41 Salavador as I said above doing PT1 only because I had read beforehand than this DLC was made for him or Axton and that the others would struggle a bit. I just wanted to enjoy myself anyways and actually level up a guy anyways. So I start, thanks for taking more eridium from me again raid boss, and rush in with plan in place:

For those wanting to know my method:
This was going to be tough as GearBox made this boss with coop in mind and top gear needed and since I had neither at this point I was going to try
2 Decent RPG - fire or explosive are best as he seems to resist other elements
1 Tresspasser - I had 1 level 21 which was going to make it HARDER (see below)
1 Fire Assault Rifle
I had no shield due to Badass Glitch - it was missing - I had a backup one back in Sanctuary but I didnt know i had no shield til after I did this!
Used a MIRV Nade Mod with explosive damage

Tactic:(Using Salvador) there are actually multiple enemies here Voracious being the big guy and Chief being his shield supplier and when Chief dies then Midgets spawn in his place. It starts out with Chief having the 100 million point shield and Vor having no shield - he will be the focus at the start. Do not get close to him or let him get close to you - when he does he fires out Corrsive Clouds that insta-kill you! the Key is to constantly circle the arena and DONT stop! If using Sal then Gunzerk and use RPG and Fire Assault Rifle and fire at Vor's belly (ground) His critical is his belly. Take his health down to just around 1/4 left - he will then take the shield from Chief and this is where you need to be careful (2 previous attempts using this tactic failed) as you need to take Chiefs health down just enough without killing him(be careful because Vor will kill Chief with no shields so it might take a few tries - if Chief dies before this next part it will take a long time to whittle down Vor's 100 million shield) and then run around until Chief takes his shield back and this is important because if done right then its game over for Vor. So Chief get the shield back and his health is almost gone and this is where you use the Tresspasser (my level 21 and this is why I had to do this tactic as the gun only did a little damage) as the Tresspasser ignores shields! Now shoot Chief! He will die and the shield goes with him! Vor is now vulnerable! FINISH HIM QUICK! Once he get health down a bit past the 1/4 he starts launching MULTIPLE unmissable AOE novas! You have about 15 seconds to drop him otherwise you are toast!

Collect your crappy level 32 gear :( and smile! I went from 1 mil to just under 90K in money doing this guy! If I had tried the above method I would have had more!

So back to my original story - I am still in contact with Gearbox Support - they have given me back MOST of my lost Badass rank and I am still waiting on getting back 45 gold keys. As for the gear and skins - gone once again!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hyah Minion! Onwards!

The above is not my picture (for some reason it wouldnt let me upload my image from my computer or from facebook) BUT the intent is there! It took awhile but I finally got my own claptrap! After playing the first Borderlands and its sequel I started clamouring for this fig and seeing as I buy very FEW toys these days I had to have it! I used to be a HUGE toy and comic collector but that gave way to kids and their needs and so I let (most of) my old habits die off (I still buy games didn't ya know!?). I think it is ok to still grab a toy here and there once in a blue moon and looking for this toy soon escalated into must have! Being from Canada it is hard to find toys around here!

While I was told these were at Toys R Us it was only US TRU's that they are stocked and NOT Canadian. Even asking to do a transfer from a US store didnt help as they couldnt even find it using the TRU Model number I had from the US Stock. So online I went and looked and nauseum! See we also have the issue with not being allowed to order from Amazon.COM only .CA and while on the US site this fig was listed at $11.99 and the .CA it was listed at $100 BEFORE shipping! Going to numerous sites resulted anywhere from $75-140 to get just 1 figure ordered and that wasn't to cut it! Ebay was around the $100 mark as well. I grew desperate and I asked Neca Toys if they were going to re-release the fig and low and behold they let me know that another shipment had gone out as I asked! I waited about 4 days then went to Entertainment Earth and there it was back in stock! I ordered my set right away (only came in the 2 pack along with the psycho) and 3 days later the site listed as out of stock! PHEW! So for the 2 figs plus shipping is cost me just over $50 so I felt that was a fair deal! 12 days later I had a nice box show up and tore into it!

He now sits at my computer desk egging his minion onward!

...I am such a!

So there you have it!

So there now you kinda have an idea of what I have been up to since my last post. I did forget about one game. Battlefield 3, yep played it, got bored of it, waiting for last dlc to see if I can get back into it. I loved Close Quarters but my friends hated it and I ended up playing with myself (snort!) and then Armoured Kill came along and killed whatever enjoyment I had in the game. Dont know why but something about it just turned me right off to the point of complete boredom. I played it for as long as I could then gave up altogether and have been sitting on xbox since then (ow my butt!) My friends all loved AK and kept begging me to play but I just couldnt do it. Then Borderlands 2 came out and nearly 4 straight weeks of 10+ hrs a day of that happened until AC3 came along and then it was rush and grind to just finish that crud and now I have been back onto BL2 and am now awaiting BO2. Was hoping to get Halo4 but never have been into the Halo series (having only played ODST) so maybe if $ is right I "may" pick it up as I hear a lot of right things about the game.

Anyways will post some more and maybe will post some midnight release of COD...

til then...Happy Gaming!