Friday, February 11, 2011

My Gaming Clan

My gaming buds or "clan" The Elite Artificial Soldiers (or |EAS|) have been in my life for close to a decade now. We weren't always |EAS| however and took us awhile to get here.

The main founders (and I am talking when I came into the picture) got to know each other in a gaming group known as DC tho asking what DC actually stood for meritted no distinct answer lol! I had gotten to know a few of them by playing a FPS game called Call of Duty and its expansion COD United Offensive. Tho they were primarily a Medal of Honour group they had just taken on a COD server which is where I got to know them better. Soon after however the leader of the group left due to health issues and things got worse including dropping the COD server. At that point me and my bud who had joined with me left and we lone wolfed the COD servers alone for months. The group tried to keep things afloat by joining with another gaming clan close to shutting down only to find themselves shutdown for good.

We were content with this new lone wolf setup for months until we came across a few familiar names from DC who were now sporting DOW tags. They quickly asked us to join them and soon after I called DOW (or Doggs of War) my home for a few years. We played we had fun we fought others left and others joined as typical of a gaming clan but the core group sort of stuck together through it all. While never meeting these people face to face I had talked to them over our vent channels or even the phone and could call them friends. As with all gaming clans it only takes a minor issue to be misunderstood and turn into a disaster to break them up. DOW fell apart and 90% of the clan left, including me, leaving a baren and virtually dead clan behind. DOW finally closed its doors close to a year later with only 2 members left.

Now what to do? This core groups of friends still had the desire to game together and make something out of their time together so came together and put up a website and purchased a server for the new Call of Duty 4 game. Next we needed a name and out of my brainstorming sessions I came up with |EAS| or Elite Artificial Soldiers and the name was voted on and stuck. We now had our name, servers and website and began to recruit heavily.

Of course there have been tough times since(of course lol!) and at one point came close to disbanding but our close friendship bonds and desire to still game together have kept the core group together for the most part. A decade later and real life does filter in as families grow making it harder to game as much as we used to in the beginning but we are a strong family of gamers or "clan".

We invite anyone to game with us or even to get to know us. For as our statement says we are, for the most part, a pretty laid back group of guys who just want to have fun and to frag away(or if you go by our motto - ifwelikeyouwekillyoulast! lol!)! We are always looking for good guys/gals to join us and make us better. BTW we are a PC Clan. We do still play COD4 but also play COD Black Ops and Bad Company 2. Come visit us at:

Tell them Elkon sent ya!

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