Thursday, February 10, 2011

What The Hell?

How did I even get here? Other than the long winded cliched story of going thru Mom & Dad doing it and 9 Months later blammo! No I mean how did I arrive here making this blog? Ahh that's better..quit beating around the bush and get to the meat.

I got here via facebook...uhhhh wait I hate facebook! I just dont like how it changes people or turns into a schoolyard mentality. Look what I did 2 seconds ago type of shit kind of bores me a bit (and no offense to those that love facebook - the only reason I signed up was to get in touch with my 2 half sisters I had lost track of for 18+ years) and do I really need to be poked every 3 seconds? I had looked at twitter a few times but thought nothing of it thinking it was a dying fad and just idle chitchatting on my various gaming clans website over the years seemed pointless as it pissed more off than anything. But then something happened as I was bored one day sitting surfing the net - I signed up for twitter ( and while it was slow at first it was new and exciting and I found it quite interesting. At first I did the thing that every new person to twitter does, I began following celebs, and while that was fun I found something else. I found other gamers...and my world got a bit cooler. In my short time on twitter I have followed/met/been followed by some pretty cool people and developers in the gaming industry. It made me feel like my little addiction had a purpose now but with only having 140 chars to express myself it made me want a bit more and the thought of starting a blog seeped into my brain. I have a lot of talk in my brain that doesn't get expressed and well it NEEDED to get out! lol! Well today presented yet another bored day as I sit here with my 2 boys and my wife puking their asses out and I am here washing, cleaning and hoping that I to don't end up like them. So in surfing the net the idea popped into my head to look for website hosting or even a blog site and voila!

SO now I am here and now comes the question - what the hell do I even have to say?! Funny how opportunity presents itself then I cant think of a thing to crap out! Trust me it will come and spew over time onto this blog.

So thanks Facebook! I hate you! lol!

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