Thursday, February 24, 2011


In my short time with my Xbox I have been able to play all the games I missed out on over the years of being primarily a PC player. Not that I couldn't get most of those games for my PC but due to problems read about the games I had zero interest in going thru the hassle of getting the games and making them run properly.

Also I do like playing certain games on my Xbox that I dont on my PC. I like finely controlled games like Call of Duty, Guild Wars or Mass Effect 2 to be played on my PC while games like Madden 09, Assassin's Creed (and it's sequels)and Batman Arkham Asylum to be played on my Xbox. Nothing wrong with that in my mind. I have a COD Gaming Clan I play with on my PC (and have so for the past 10 years) called the Elite Artificial Soldiers ( but certain games I just enjoy more on my xbox.

I like how when you do certain things you get achievement points for it on the xbox but it isn't the most important thing. But I finally did something that I hadnt done yet in that I got 100% in a game (meaning I got every achievement) and I was very excited to have accomplished it. Out of the 25 games or so I hadn't done it and came close a few times but I felt proud of myself for doing it. I don't plan on getting it for every game as some of the achievements are just to boring/hard to grind out. I got the xbox for fun and if I can have fun getting the achievements then I will do so. But it felt so good getting that first 100% that I may try just a bit harder to get them in the future.

As long as it is fun lol!

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