Sunday, May 15, 2011

Been Awhile

Sorry had lots to say but no time to say it lol! Needless to say the following blog is going to ramble on a bit and jump from random subject to subject. I apologize for this as it won't be my best work!

Real Life and especially work has been a real roller coaster ride since I started my new position and due to excess amount of work I find myself more and more unable to do these little things when I get free time later. Too much other things to do like watching Game of Thrones on HBO or taking the kids to swimming lessons or even watching the latest episodes of Big Bang Theory with my wife. Also recently I got back into competitive gaming with my Gaming Clan (EAS - and have been playing a lot of Call of Duty Black Ops lately and getting owned more than owning lol. I knew I wasn't good enough in BO(Black Ops) to join the Team A so I instead joined the older crew who started another team for the Over The Hill (over 40 and No I am not but they wanted a bit more fun and it suited me more than trying to fail with Team A). We currently are at 1/5 but that doesn't matter as long as we have fun doing it.

Oh yeah I was down for a bit when I got my gaming rig updated! Mmmmm updated gaming rig..... :D It is a sweet little piece of machinery now with its almost top of the line components now. I would brag what they are but I don't want to make you jealous lol. Needless to say it runs well and I find in Black Ops I have zero lag/stutter now and a near steady 125 fps at all times.

My game time has since suffered on my Xbox since I got my new rig and I am sure my friends on Xbox don't mind too much as I find myself steering a bit away from FPS on there. I want to but I suck so bad at it lol. Keyboard and Mouse is so much better. But if I ever got asked to play I would. No one ever does though lol. Hint hint?

Oh yeah I did get another 100% Achievement for another game on Xbox - Got it for Fallout New Vegas and had to work hard for it but was committed to doing it. I know more DLC has come out for it since but the game is just to glitchy and bug filled to venture back in and suffer through. I got my fill and hope the next game uses a new engine and works out the bugs before release. Since then I haven't bought many new games even though I wanted some of them (like Dragon Age II, Homefront, Mortal Kombat, Brink) but after they released I was kinda glad as reviews for some of them turned me off for the good. Which is also good since I couldn't afford them anyways lol. I did pick up Crysis 2 for my PC and the SP was completely worth it but again the MP, although overhauled, was still meh.

I tried to beat Dead Space 2 on hardcore and got about halfway thru just before my first of 3 saves and I got stupid and died and had to start from the beginning again and then went another 2 hrs and died again. That ended that and since the DLC came out and had no desire to get it I can not get the 100% on it like I had hoped. One day...

Anyone ever play Mortal Kmobat vs DC Universe? My god it makes my Xbox make some wild noises! Plug that game in and expect your xbox to have a near meltdown! I mean WTF!?

PSN went down and was a big black mark on SONY and time will tell what damage has been done by the hacks. I think the next SONY console is gonna have to work extra hard to gain any ground back on all the lost customers. I mean 25 days down with no online? Wow that sucks for any gamer. Say what you will, whether it be SONY's stupidity for failing to have a secure network, or the hackers who brought down a giant but the ones who suffered were the gamers and fans of games. Gamers put a lot of time, energy and money into gaming and to have it taken away from 77 million of them is a blow to anyone. Small indie game devs suffer as do the big names but the whole industry suffers the same and makes you wish for better backend support. Anything can be hacked given time and nothing is safe these days and it is unfortunate that this happened. I hope all PS3 users are happy now that the service is slowly coming back up now. Game ON! I can only hope SONY learned its' lesson here and will make a better more secure network in the future. Although I do expect another attack soon.

Ok I think I sprayed enough verbal crap onto the walls for this time. I have made a mess and need to clean it up. Plus the kids need clothes washed and swimming lessons to be taken off to....

Flip Side, I will see you there...until next time

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