Monday, May 30, 2011

Mod Tools!

Tommorrow May 31st. Black Ops (on the PC mind you) is getting the release of Mod Tools! This is great news for all those modders out there. What sucks at this point is that there is no radiant at this time. This means no new maps. As much as I like mods I like new maps even more! I do think that the DLC is the reason for the lack of Radiant at this time. PCDEV ( has said that it MAY be released but unsure at this time. I hope it does and soon as Black Ops on the PC isn't doing so hot atm. An avg of 8000 gamers play a night and that is half of what happens with MW2 still.

PC gamers NEED mod tools and new maps - it is what keeps games alive for so long. Look at COD4 as an example. Game is STILL going strong!

Anyways rejoice at the little things. PC got MOD TOOLS!

Make something awesome guys!

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