Monday, May 30, 2011

Stupid June

Ok June is approaching quickly. this week in fact, and as such I pretty much go into a non-gaming coma. Why you ask. Where I work has an extreme busy month during June where we do an average of 3 months worth of work in 1 month. We go from 40 hours a week to about 60-80 hours a week. I usually get home around 12 am on average everyday.

There are 3 things wrong with this:

1) It's my anniversary (8th this year) and it always sucks having to miss it.
2) It's my birthday and I have worked every year on my birthday.
3) No gaming or reading at all.

2 more things:
1) We are NEVER EVER allowed a day off.
2) We are NEVER EVER  allowed to call in sick unless you're in the hospital.

In order to get ready for this grand event the past 2 weeks I have been staying up until midnight everynight to get used to staying up that late. (also means I am extra grumpy - sorry honey - sorry boys) Getting my gaming in much to the displeasure of the wife. Been playing a lot of Witcher 2 (totally recommended - might do a mini review on this one) and Black Ops with my buddies ( My xbox has been collecting dust since I got my new computer. Sorry Buddy I still love you but I gotta play the new games first.

But the stinker is I don't have time to game during June because of all the OT I have to work. I will still try and buy Duke Nukem when it's released June 14th but won't play it til the third week of July. Uh wait THIRD week of July? WTF? Another tradition these past 5 years has been taking off the first 2 weeks of July to decompress after June. This means going to the lake where no computer or gaming console can disturb me. Books, slapping mosquitos, Fishing and throwing the boys into the lake! Then it's back to reality again. The last 2 weeks of July always mean stress and OT again only because my work is left for me. I am my own backup! :(

In any event if I seem like I am gone or not responsive during the next 6-8 weeks this is the reason. Work Overload and lack of time.

Help Me.....! :D

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