Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blackout Time!

I am full well into June already! Ok I work at a trophy shop and during June is well the end of everything! Lol! School ends and soccer and baseball and stuff like that. It means that everyone brings their orders into us for us to make trophies, shirts, medals, glassware etc. I am in charge of anything related to plaques, shirts (all screening really), ribbons (if needed), buttons, sublimation (meaning ink is printed onto paper and paper is heated onto metal), anything color, medals, medal inserts, some lasering(as that was my position before moving over to the color side) and any other little jobs that can pop up. I have nothing to do with actual engraving (different machine) or hand engraving. You have seen me post on Twitter about how many orders I got and blah blah blah average shit. What it means is literally an order - 1 order = 1 customer (whether it be a school or individual or what have you). My average order take per week is currently sitting at 43 and that means I get given to me 43 orders that I have to complete work for (see above what we do). The guy before me in this position had an average per week of about 23 orders a week (I looked at the books so I know) so that means I am carrying about 20 more orders per week than he did. My average in my old position was about 38 orders per week so the work hasn't increased much for me only the position. The guy currently in my position has an average order per week of about 18 which really blows my mind how much it dropped in 6 months!

This week I got 84 orders to complete and how many did I get done? 90! I had to help out my fellow worker who was struggling with his 31 orders this week and try and keep him caught up. I don't mind I was a bit bored by Thursday this week as I was getting everything done. I can pump out about 40 orders a day if needed. I work because I enjoy it and because it challenges me. I always say why waste the last 10 minutes of the work day chatting as I can get about 2-3 orders done and printed in that time. Why waste it? Now I am done and you have more work to do tomorrow! :D

Downside to this boredom is that I don't get to go online or surf the web because it is a big no-no around here. I wish I could as it would get me thru each work day but you know this is our busy time and I should look busy. Helping everyone else out and getting my own work done(84 orders is a record I do believe now in the 40 plus year history of where I work) isn't enough I guess.

But and a big one is that while I may be caught up I still am working a bit of overtime and having a hard time doing anything at night being wiped out is all (cmon 40 orders ina day here!) so gaming or much else is much option - got to stay fresh and sleep lots to stay alert at work. So no gaming for a bit. Sucks but true.

This might be the last blog for June - sorry to bore you! :D

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