Monday, June 6, 2011

E3 is Upon us! Geekasm!

So much information coming out and it is only the beginning! I have attached a few of the following games I am most looking forward to.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations is coming November 15th and oh baby do I want it! This is up there with the Tomb Raider series for me as all time favs! This CGI rendered trailer is so juicy it makes me want the game right now. I know you can't get excited for CGI rendered trailers but damn this is nicely done and the music tho a strange choice really builds on it!

Battlefield 3 is slowly starting to show more and more and it gets better and better. This is the game that, while it won't outsell the other "Big" 3, will draw many to upgrade their gaming rigs and pray to the Gods that they even play it at low levels! This game looks better with each reveal. This one will be a clan mainstay when it gets released. Modtools would make it rock forever!
Another video from the SP portion of the game which shows off more of the beauty and tech of the game. WOW! So want NOW! They have now moved up their release date by at least 3 weeks to October 25th it seems(wasn't the original release date November 15th?). Nice and now rumours of the beta coming in September is even better. Pre-ordered already!

Here is another one that is slowly getting onto my radar. Having played Morrowind and Oblivion for a combined total of over 1100 Hrs (yes over 1100 hrs!) I know about this sandbox and I want back into it now! They have already stopped counting at 300+ hours of gameplay for this one and they say it can easily be double that number. All new engine and all new tech makes this one a must get. If your a rpg nut then why are you not drooling yet? To tide you over play The Witcher 2 til then then weep like a baby when this gets released.

That is not all of course. Games I have no interest at this time like Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Far Cry 3, Modern Warfare 3 all have made their strong presence known at the show already and much more. Why do I say no interest in MW3? Read my earlier post - sorry to hate on it - I watched the reel that 402 "played" and wasn't blown away by it and was a bit intrigued BUT (and a BIG one) is how the game is gonna unfold for the PC. Dedicated servers? Lean? Prone? I know that the last 2 aren't the end all be all BUT it is what I want. No Dedis= no sale. COD Elite(the new system being added on the back end of mw3) while interesting and for the most part "Free" has me worried about the future. If people buy into it now what does the future hold - further monetization? Not sure but let's say I am wary of this system at this time. Time and info will let me know. I hold all judgement on MW3 til release.

More E3 to come and others doing a more and better job than I could EVER do but I am excited for this fall!

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