Friday, June 3, 2011

End of the Road

With the fall quickly coming upon us, wait it isn`t even summer yet wtf, the next installment of the annualization is fast approaching. Yes I am referring to Modern Warfare 3 or MW3. Yes I also promised I wouldn`t talk about MW3 again after my last outburst (against a fellow tweeter and great person who was only promoting - again REALLY sorry - 140 characters can be damning at times - and me saying sorry isn`t enough - lets put in the box of regrets I have and leave it at that) but being Primarily a PC player first and Xbox junkie second I felt that the recent information is not all that good for PC users.

It has been reported or leaked that the PC version of MW3 will once again be P2P and will not go the Dedicated Server route(IW CM 402 has neither denied nor confirmed the info but said not to believe leaks) and the reporter who got the info says he is 100% sure on his information. If true then this brings the end to my COD purchases on PC. I may not even get it for the Xbox either knowing that doing so will rip my soul in half and shit it out. Yes Dedicated servers mean that much to me.

When MW2 came out I was caught unawares having already paid for the pre-order in full months beforehand and then BAM! a week before release we get the IWnet bomb and no dedicated servers info. Frantically I tried to cancel my preorder and get my money back but the store at the time would not allow transfers or money back on pre-orders. Kinda sucked - I played it and beat SP in 5 hours then played the MP for roughly 21 hrs before giving up on it and shelving it thanking Infinity Ward for taking my inflated $60 game with no lube.

So now that this information has been, so called, leaked I can only hope that Infinity Ward can see the light of day before release and actually plug Dedis back into the game(IF it is true that they plan on not having dedicated servers).  Infinity Ward Community Manager fourzerotwo has made it clear that he understands why a gamer wont buy the game because it doesnt have the features he or she wants (damn I can`t use the backslash on the keyboard wtf) but seemingly doesnt care one way or the other(really what can he do about that). That kind of attitude sits wrong with me but I understand where he comes from - gamers speak with their wallets and if they don`t like something don`t get it and then bitch when you do get it and hate it. I guess either shit or get off the pot. IW will release the game they want and you can either buy it or not but damn give the PC users a break it is the year 2011 and things like dedicated servers are kind of neccessary these days with gaming all over the world. Not listening to the PC community only makes it worse. P2P just does not work and when some games for the Xbox are switching to dedicated servers then you know things are changing. Don`t stick gamers with a shitty port and lack of standard features and then spit on it and say $60 please. That won`t go over well with many a PC gamer. But the bottom line is we wait again until close to release whether or not PC gets some love and can choose then to purchase or not. I expect that a lot of PC gamers these will purchase the game still only because they just want a new game or look past those things. Hell I can expect of the 60 clan members we have in my clan (shameless plug that at least 15-20 will buy the game no matter what features are there. I won`t be one of them if the info we have turns out to be true.

PC Users have til Nov 8 to find out.

I won`t get into the COD Elite program that has been announced except that it uses some the same features from COD Black Ops and also gives you what PC Users have experienced for over a decade. Yes Clans. No it isn`t pay to play like some have thought. It seems like Activision is trying to give console users what PC users have had for years and that is community. Get in a group and gather friends who game together. PC Users been doing that for a LONG ASS time folks. It is nothing new UNLESS you play on consoles. So good news for them. It looks good to me(YES coming from a PC user the features looks sound) but I have all that already on the PC so while I will sign up for it I won`t pay for the extra features as it seems like double dipping to me. But for console users it looks like a good thing to have.

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