Saturday, September 10, 2011

About that Grinding....

I play COD BO (that is Black Ops or COD 7) and have really for the most part enjoyed the game but man why in the hell do they need so many prestige levels? I know the choice was mine to either do it or not and I made the choice to do it and then Real Life happened....It takes such an effort to grind out the levels to be able to get anoug xp to prestige up and what happened is that I lost almost 3 months of time of not being able to play due to RL (i know so saaaaad RL got in the way of gaming and that is sooo important right lol). Well it wasn't that big of a deal and RL was where it is at, dont get me wrong, I just enjoy being able to game is all - it has been burned into my brain and core essence since I was a small lad. Well missing all that time out meant while I had been first in leveling and prestiging up I was now well behind everyone that had decided to prestige as well. Since I got back the time to be able to game I made the choice to again start prestiging again as I wanted to go all the way since I had started it. I discovered that going into the TDM 24/7 servers really gained you xp fast (faster in that you get more kills and therefore faster challenges and therefore level up faster than say playing SnD all the time) - but it really grinds on you and then you run into the hackers o boy are there alot - sometimes it gets so bad you have to leave but most time you hope they end up on your team and you can keep going. Afterwards is when I report them :D bastards.....I have seen some of these douchebags gain prestige 15 in less that 48 hrs so I know they are using a rank editor - why cant they just be banned!? Yes when you go 47 and 4 in TDM servers constantly I check out your stats and if you look fishy I report.

Anyways, After all this I have been grinding away for many hrs going morning, noon and night and at one point was able to clear a prestige in less that 8 hrs of game time(or about 2 days of gaming). Since Mid-August I have gone from Prestige 7 all the way to 14 where I am at now - gonna prestige again most likely by Monday or Tuesday if I dont get time in on the weekend as I am already at level 30 and am getting close to getting some of those lifetime challenges completed which will expediate the leveling with some big XP bonuses. I just want what all my buds have and why it hasnt all been a bed of roses and fun I will look back at it as a job well done I guess lol. Black Bags under my eyes and all.

Now my hope is that MW3 (again IF anf only IF they bring out a somewhat decent game with some features to make it worthwhile to own) doesnt have such a grind or even prestige but I know it will and will I make the choice again to grind it out? hmmm time and certain features will let me know. What happened to the slow grind ala Bad Company 2? I played that game for 191 hrs and was only level 38 or something and enjoyed it somewhat but I wished it would level a bit quicker. Something in between the 2 systems would be cool. From rumblings I have seen MW3 is going to give something a bit more what I would like in that the weapons you use you level up while also leveling up.

Stop the grind! Save some tears! Let us have fun! lol...No matter what I guess I would still grind it out as I alsways want the full experience of the games and what they offer. Make it a bit easier on us old timers tho eh!

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