Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sample of What I do at work

I work at a Trophy Shop and while that may not be as glamourous as some of you would think it does put food on the table and games in my hand. It can be a challenge at times as we dont just do trophies. We do a bit of everything here from full colour sublimation to getting custom medals made for events. This also includes screenprinting. My job is for the color side of things and this also includes screenprinting. Most of the time it can be real easy but sometimes a bad logo comes in and you have to trace the job and when things even get to hairy on that end I have to even outsource the trace jobs as I dont have all the time in the world to trace some of these jobs. For the most part I do all my own work and am proud I can find the time to do little things like this. I have designed and had printed here shirts for my own clan as well. IN fact the logo that adorns this blog will someday be either sublimated onto a tshirt for myself or screened.

Below is the shirt I had screened here at work and then mailed out all over Canada and the US for clan members. In total we had done over 80 shirts each with their own Gamer Tag on it.

A recent job we had to do was a tuffy and so tough in fact I had to outsource the trace to another company as I just didn't have the time to do it (my co-worker was on holidays and I was buried in way too much work running everything in the laser room by myself - I didnt have 7 hrs to make a trace for this job) and I knew I had a lot more work ahead of me once I got the traced work back. In fact in total I spent anothers 7 hrs on the job after I got it traced just to make it work for screening. It was a 3 color job which is easy enough to do but everything was halftones. WAY tough to do and easy to fuck up and was something we had only done once before in my 5 years here (and funny enough I have done it both times as I only switched over to this position in January and had to do another halftone job a few months back and didn't really do the artwork justice and was determined to do a better job the next time I got the chance). I wasn't overly proud of the first halftone job I did but the customer was happy with what we did so that was good enough but I was determined to do it justice this time out. I spent a lot of time at night researching the process since we use CorelDraw here at work and thought I had it down. Did some rough tests (which take time as the screener was past his eyeballs in work as well!) and thought we had it close - then I messed up the artwork by micro tweaking it! I spent 2 hrs fixing it only to find another error had been made by another co-worker playing with CorelDraw settings on my computer and had to scrap the artwork and start fresh again but knowing the process this time and getting the procedure down I nailed the artwork perfect! I was extremely proud of myself as I had accomplished the look the customer wanted and learned on my own how to do it - it was tough and the next time will only take me a fraction of the time to get it right. You see dots mean everything! If the dots are shit the finished product will be shit. Then something happened...I found further info AFTER the fact that would have made the job turn out just that much better and while I was proud of myself for what I had done I knew that the next time would be even better and while it was too late for this job it was about 85% there. Also when the screener burned his screen he didn't completely wash out the white plate and so some of the dots did not turn out perfect but again the customer was more than delighted so it made up for it.

Below is the 3rd plate of the job - the black plate:

Next time halftones you are MINE!

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