Saturday, September 10, 2011

So many new games and so few $$$

There is such a glutton of games coming out from now til Christmas that I dont think I can even play them all let alone buy them all. There is Gears of War 3, Assassins Creed Revelations, BF3, MW3 (if it has what PC gamers want), Skyrim, etc. I just don't have the kind of money needed to buy these and so I have to pick and choose for now and purchase cheaper later or hope for a Christmas Miracle lol (hint hint). Right Now all I have is GOW3 and BF3 (man there is a lot of 3quels out this year!) on Pre-Order and look forward in 2 weeks to be blasting the Lamnent on Sept 20th.  Why can't we just s p a c e out the release dates on these games so that it is more affordable? I think I would need over $400 to get the games I wanted on my list for this fall! Space it out! I havent bought a game since Witcher 2 came out months ago!

Don' get me wrong as I REALLY want all these games that are coming out but with mortgage, 2 kids and a wife I can't have EVERYTHING I want lol! Gotta be picky and stingy and hope for the best. Now why did I pick the 2 games I did? GOW3 really because I loved the first 2 games and even with the glitches were still well made and very satisfying and what I have seen of the 3rd iteration makes me want it that much more. BF3 - well that is easy - we get what we want in that we get a PC EXPERIENCE like no other! I even upgraded my gaming rig to be able to play it on high settings! :D

Yeah yeah debate goes on to this day about BF vs COD series and yes I started on COD but this yearly sequel is really killing me - not only do we as a PC gamer now pay $10 more for a game but we are paying more for a vastly inferior product from what we used to get (ala COD4 - arguably the BEST FPS game ever on PC) - now it seems that the Devs celebrate when they make it so we can use keybaord and mouse on the computer or even give us a single Gameserver Provider to supply Dedicated Servers. Ooooh welcome to the 90's! As a PC gamer I just want value for what I pay for - with console I know what I am getting and know it works out of box blah blah BUT on PC it is such a crapshoot with these Devs now. We get BADLY ported console games that barely function out of box and it takes like 6 months of patching to get the games to run smooth. What happened to the days of a Public BETA? with COD series that went out the window after COD4 and now we get what we get and they just patch and patch and patch (well with MW2 we got what 2 patches - I barely lasted 20 hrs on that train wreck before I gave up from all the hackers, brutal lag (due to lack of dedicated servers) and just unbalanced play. Don't get me wrong the game had value (as a coaster) and could have been the best sequel to the best FPS game ever but they blew it! They pissed on PC gamers heads and told us it was heavenly rain! What I want as a PC gamer is the value of the game not to pay $60 then another $60 to get 12 maps. I loved that we used to be able to sit down and play a game for 2-3 yrs and have fun with it only because so many others created interesting mods/maps to make the longevity of the game last. Now Devs don't want that as it affects the $ they make - the big wigs hate that gamers want to game with a game for years and enjoy it - they want $ and they want it now! What happened to gaming for fun? I hate having to grind out levels to presitge 15 times - you ask well it was your choice to do it so don't fucking bitch you jerkwad PC gamer! This is why the industry is the way it is is because of you PC gamers whining and bitching and moaning....*sigh* No I just want to play and have fun - look at COD UO expansion pack for the first COD - no grinding out levels no prestiging - just playing and having fun with your buds bashing each others heads in on the virtual battlefield or even flying a helicopter or jet and crashing into your buddies and laughing about it ala the BF series - no gaming has become something more now and most oldtimers like myself either have to adapt or quit.

Bottom line for us PC gamers - adapt, accept or dont it? Now word is (from what I have been reading lately) is that PC gaming will be coming to an end sooner than we think - the big Parts makers (Intel, AMD/ATI, Nvidia) are feeling the crunch of the console generation and are unwilling to push the PC tech further due to dwindling profits and sales. What this means is that console stagnation is also killing the PC off slowly - also with other companies like Apple pushing tech is the slap together low end stuff is also further pushing sales down for them as PC gamers and rig builders just arent there to push new tech anymore. This is the adapt or quit stage we are at now. Until the next gen consoles come out I don't think any new big push is coming in PC tech til after that release. No one wants to put $$ into a losing venture (PC) if consoles/ipad/smart devices are the current in thing.

Now THAT REALLY sucks....

BTW Honey can I have another new game? :D I dont think 2 will cut it lol!

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