Thursday, October 13, 2011

Time Flies

OMG! I have been so busy (again) the last few months time just flies by. Kids, Job, Real Life, Gaming all happens so much so fast that I lose track of time and just can't get to everything.  Unfortunately this blog and my twitter suffer for my lack of extra extra free time.

What has been happening? Well lots of work - I got so many screening jobs going on currently that i can barely keep up and today spent 4 hrs just tracing artwork from shirts (yes shirts - the customer had no other forms of their logo only the jersey or shirts they were printed on) - it is way more challenging doing a trace of pre-existing artwork let alone doing it from a shirt. You gotta scan it in and today I had one easy scan and one tough scan (tough scan required 3 different scans to get the whole logo then I have to put it together and then start tracing). Then the hard part comes in - if the logo has fonts (and they usually do) you can try to match the font by eye if the font is straight or even curved but when they are given the photoshop treatment then it gets tough. Photoshop treatment? Yep PS treatment - PS does curving or wrapping of fonts a bit different from coreldraw and it skews the letters as well as curves them making it very hard for programs to recognize the font (if I can't find the font in my list of close to 1500 fonts then I have to use a program called what the font? to try and discover the font). When what the font? fails me and I have nothing close then I have to hand trace the font - not as easy as it sounds - even getting close to 90% accuracy of the font can make it look off and therefore wrong - I hate it and it eats up my time doing so since you have to be very exact. This process is even worse when you have a poor quality screen job(like my 3 scanner today) or even low rez images and cant make out the letters.

Anyways I got the first job and took my time on it since the fonts were so crazy on them - I didn't have the font nor could not find it thru what the font? so I traced and traced and traced and in the end it turned out very nice and I can only hope the customer will approve the artwork so i can then start the plates. The second job was even tougher - I had a close font for one of the words and a total fail to anything close on the second so I ended up tracing both fonts but here the trouble started - the jersey was a game worn jersey and had been well used and you could tell where the player liked to pull on his jersey - just glancing at it you wouldnt see the distortion but when tracing it the distortion became extremely painful. I did what I could with it but in the end the only thing remotely close was the Main wording - the rest was a mismash of correctness on my part but it differed from the logo - again my hope is that the customer will approve and I can move onto to producing the plates. In total I spent 4 hrs on them today - not bad considering what I had to do but I am really burnt out from focusing so hard for that long of a time.

Also got some special pictures I had to do up for my Little Brother and I hope they turned out good enough for him! Not having PS at home really hurts and being so ridiculously busy at work doesn't help either - let's say I did what he wanted but I am not 100% sastisfied with the end result(90-95% satisified) - another few weeks of tweaking with photoshop and I could have the thing singing gold. Right now it looks good and cool. Let me also say that google does NOT have enough good images and anything good istockphoto stamps their logo on it! :( DO they own EVERY cool image on the net? damn! some of it I have seen on Deviant Art even beforehand.

What else - oh yeah blew my knee out a few weeks back when I took my son to his first Beaver (Scouts) Camp - I climbed into a tree with him to hang out (you know the daddy/son bonding) and I turned my knee in an awkward position and well let's say I missed a few days of work due to me having my knee in a brace/advil/A535 rub and putting my leg up straight since it hurt to bend it or sit at a chair or climb stairs or walk. Fricking hurt but I knew it was only a muscle pull because after a week it is all good again. Still it HURT!

What else you ask that could be eating up my time? Well I did it! Did what McDouchey? Oh sorry...I finally got to Prestige 15 level 50 in COD Black Ops! Took a long time(like 180 hrs) then and as soon as I did the deed Gears of War 3 came out 2 days later - COD what...? Uh I played what for over 300 hrs to just drop it? Who are you? It has been GOW3 day in and day out since and I must say EPIC did a superb job on the 3rd outing here! MP works beautifully and the game runs and seems tweaked to perfection and the only gripe I have is with the SO fuckasses who think they are so cool running up and just Shotgunning you into a fine paste of red mist! No defence and no chance to escape unless you happen to have the Sawed off as well and can get it off before them. The Gnasher is a bit different as it doesn't always pulp you on one shot and is really for the more experienced wallbouncer to use. I am learning to wallbounce but am quite nooby still lol. Still even I hate the SO users....noobs lol!

Next week finds the release of Batman Arkham City - meow! So wanting right now! Then We find BF3 and then Assassin's Creed Revelations - not missing anything am I? :D oh yeah some of you still love to hate/love COD so I guess that is coming but it is NOT on my to get list - sorry they are hiding info from PC users once again so I don't trust them - I read that matchmaking and IWNet 2.0 (called it!) is still front and centre and that some sort of public dedicated server files will be available to use - ranked or unranked? this question they refuse to answer...18 player limit still? not answering again (so not COD4 as they said it would be like) mod/mapping tools? no word.... all this seems to me is MW2.1 with some new spit on it. Like I said not on my to get list til after release (IF it has things I want that is). My money my wishes...

anyways I think I have taken up enough wasted space around here - time to mosey along and bath my kids then get to some GOW3 :D hoping to get in a 4 player coop insane run tonight! Hey you wanna join me? Add me on xbox: Elkon Vryce :D

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