Monday, November 7, 2011

Batman Arkham City

SO this was the 3rd time I went to a midnight opening (the others being COD Black Ops and Gears 3) and this time I got there early enough that I was third in line behind 2 very enthusiastic and dedicated Batman fans. I was there early enough that I won a very cool Batman Arkham City shirt then later won an equally cool poster. It was cool night and in fact so cool that not as many people showed up as was expected. Nevertheless the ones that showed had a great time once the PS3 was rolled out front and we all got a chance to play the game before it was released into our anxious little hands.

OMG Dev Rocksteady has got something going on here! Their take on the Batman Mythos is pitch perfect! I really loved Arkham Asylum and had doubts about a city but man they nailed it! Rumour is that they are prepping to start on another DC Character mythos and I can only hope they get into the detail they did here. The game also opens the door for a third outing if they choose to and I am sure they will eventually.

You once again take on the role of the caped crusader only this time you get locked into an old portion of Gotham City that has been walled in and transformed in a city prison. Of course every baddy is locked in here with you and due to complications you are forced to take them all down and solve a few mysteries along the way. I make that seem simpler than it is but really you need to play the game to understand the scope and depth Rocksteady went into developing this game. They really left no stone unturned here and the game bleeds with depth. From touching moments to big decisions the game has it all.

Rumor has it that this will be the last showing of Voice Over Vet Mark Hamill giving his all as Joker and as such gives yet another perfect performance as the Bat's main nemisis. The world will lose a great vo performer if this is indeed his swan song. I only wish they had some sort of award to give to these guys and gals and it is really such an underated profession.

Batman's gadgets are back and yet a few more tricks are added and really practice makes perfect as at times you will need all of his gadgets to be a perfect Dark Knight. You need to use them all as this time you will not only need them to beat the thugs in the game but also the 440 Riddler challenges/trophy hunts in the game. I had a hard time figuring out a lot of them til I started thinking in terms of gadgets. A few I had to youtube but for the most part if you figure out one way of getting a trophy it will also help out with another difficult one. I did have issue with a few of the physical challenges and one in particular and took me the entire game plus an addtional 7+ hours to figure out. Seems the in game and also the hint book have a mistake in how to perform one of the challenges, that of the Aerial Assault takedown. Most of you that follow me on twitter will notice I tweeted about it a few weeks ago. Once I figured it out it took me 3 mins to do it and that was dissappointing that something so simple took so long due to a mistake. Hoepfully a patch will change this so those that still have not got the game will not have to go through that.

Will you love BAC? If you loved or liked Arkham Asylum then you will love this sequel. The downside to the game? DLC has been lacklustre and hasn't expanded the game in the way I had hoped. Oh well the main game is more than enough - I am currently having my butt handed to me in New Story Plus mode where thugs and villans and much more difficult.

Long live the Dark Knight!

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