Monday, November 7, 2011

Battlefield 3 (drool)

Another Midnight release and again made it 3rd in line (dammit!) Outcome was different this time as EA sent out no giveaway swag (cheap bastards lol jk) so no take home stuff just the game. EB Games ran this a bit different to make lines move faster (around 400 showed by midnight) as they opened at 930 pm and had groups of 4 come and prepay everything off so that at midnight they could walk in grab the game and leave. So at 1201 I had the game in hand and was home by 1205 and finally had the game installed and updated by 115 am as I got this for PC this time as most of my clan buds (plugin time) at would be playing this. Boy was I glad I upgraded the rig as even having the settings at medium to high my GTX 580 is being taxed out! 99% GPU usage and fan speed at 85 and running at 69 degrees (or if I forget to turn up the fan 89 degrees at 40 fan speed and green flickering across the monitor). But I do run the game at 120 fps avg at these settings. The game looks stunning at ultra settings but 50 FPS isn't good bragging rights lol! Just to give a comparison COD BO runs 40% GPU usage and runs 40 fan speed and 50 degrees with everything turned to max and runs over 200 FPS!

Of all the new game releases this fall this one was the one I had the most hope for as it's running upon release would make or break the game. As I said above it did take a long time to install (70 mins) and once I had it installed I was so tired I played 20 mins then went to bed. The game did have a few glitches and a day one patch but has so far run fairly smooth for me. There has been the occasional crash upon start (well most of my errors are upon start but once it goes it goes) I have only had one CTD when I got into a heli and took off while clicking something else. A few friends have the damn crash after each map error and has really pissed them off to the extent they don't want to play anymore so I hope DICE gets this issue nailed down. But for the most part the game plays so smooth and faster than I though it would since the BETA that really this game is a win!

SP is there I haven't got through it but I do find it the hardest SP campaign I have ever played. Never on any other game that I played on normal difficulty have I died this much. I mean 2-3 hits and I am down mission over. Still getting through this one but the F-18 mission so far has been a treat! It was so intense I actually hurt my neck lol!

MP is where it is at and the concerns over Battlelog being a proper fit or a nightmare. I can tell you that though it took a lot of getting used to Battlelog is quickly growing on me and makes a strong case for a FREE online stats/server component really smart over what another dev is trying to do only charging us to use it. I can't wait to see how it grows over the next few months. In game MP menus need some tweaking as some things are still hard to do unless you are in game or just plain confusing. Further tweaking here needs to be done to make the game run smoother/easier. It would be cool if we could set game settings in Battlelog or even set up Loadouts out of game as having to set them up during game can get you offed a few times. I also dislike how the game balance works and you have to take a death to switch teams which can at times lead to 6 on 2 rounds because no one wants to ruin their k/d ratio. Another tidbit a tk(team kill) should not hurt the victim, as you incur a death against you, while the player doing the tk gets nothing against them(I feel they should lose a kill or attain a death or lose 200 xp). Nothing worse than running for a heli or jet and being gunned down by some asshole on your team who wants the vehicle or wants to disarm the mcom or take the flag. It is bullshit and needs to be addressed in a patch. Another disappointing thing is shotguns and pistols - waaay over powered/ranged for my liking - a guy can take me out with 1 pistol shot while i can unload a whole clip into him and only take him down to 20% health. I was shot from over 200 ft away by a guy using a shotgun with flechette ammo and that isn't right - at most I should have taken maybe a 10% hit at that distance. I do however like that DICE made it so you can't drive your tank up to a MCOM(or even a C4 crew) and blast it to death like what happened in Bad Company 2. They learned something there. My fav tactic is using support and putting C4 on a mcom station and wait for either the defender or attacker to run up to the mcom and pop em. Also love running out from hiding and throwing C4 onto the tank whore and blowing them up as they laugh with their 20 and 1 k/d thinking how cool they are til oops you're dead. I do have a few other tidbits like the rubber banding kills and a few map glitches where the enemy doesnt show because they are under the map or inside a rock.

Ok enough with the complaints - the game really is better than the above issues and the good far outweighs the bad here. The game is beautiful and runs smooth and fast (again faster than I imagined it would and in fact when I played COD BO Saturday or for my weekly in clan match I thought Black Ops was sluggish and slow and was caught off guard) and really the only things missing is more maps at this point which we will be getting in December (for free for those that got the Limited Edition) with the Back to Karkand Expansion. The game is deep and very nuanced and after 30+ hours I am still finding new things and unlocking new weapons and gadgets. As each weapon has it's own unlock tree it will take you awhile to get through it all. I also love how fast PB (punkbuster anti-cheat) is working - so nice to see guys getting banned on a daily basis here and the frequency is so much I miss it compared to the slowness at which VAC worked.

If you are going to play only 1 FPS this year make it Battlefield 3 and if you are going to play 2 then play this and Gears of War 3. :D I could keep going on here forever but I feel like I need to end it here. The game is worth it to me and for those with the means to do so play it on PC.

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