Monday, November 7, 2011

Gears of War 3

Yep I know old news but this game really elevated the series as a must buy. The sp campaign was captivating and moving and tied up a lot of the loose ends but also left open a few questions that could be explored in future sequels if they chose to go into another trilogy. My guess is that in 2 years time we have Gears 4 on our hands exploring either prequel history or further ties into this world. I know that this December's DLC will explore some of the history.

MP is pitch perfect as finally a game dev decided to use DEDICATED SERVERS to run the mp resulting in a flawless and lag free (for the most part) experience. This is what all devs need to do when they create MP components. Put the money and effort into making the game fun. P2P (player 2 player) is so old and outdated and most console gamers should be mad that certain devs still use this method of MP gaming. DS (dedicated servers) are a standard PC feature (again for the most part - wont go into a certain popular #1 game dev trying to force p2p onto the PC Community yet again) and one that was noticed when played on a console immediately. Being a PC guy you can really notice when p2p gameplay is going or when DS is used. DS is the way to go and I can only hope that console users begin to demand this feature more and more.

Horde mode makes a return with a few tweaks like fortifications and is still a blast to get through. Beast Mode is new to the franchise and lets you play as the baddies attacking the humans this time around in an ever increasing difficulty. My money is still on horde though.

If your asking whether or not you should try out this game - bigtime EPIC yes to that!

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