Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Most Annoying 4 Weeks EVER!

Just a small update to my most annoying week ever!

I haven't been feeling good for weeks and even after going to the doctors and getting antibiotics and confirming I tore a rib things never progressed. I thought I was on my way - throughout taking the drugs I never really felt much better and after 10 days of taking them they ran out and so I thought lets wait a few days. That waiting came to an end yesterday when my coughing that never went away went into overdrive. So instead of waiting I went to the Medi-Clinic once again to get checked out and the verdict: Bronchitis. Took twenty minutes to figure this out BUT again going to the nearby Shoppers Drug Mart (the notoriously SLOOOOOOW one) I had to wait over an HOUR to fill the prescription! In fact the Mom and Son before me who had been at the same Medi-Clinic just before me couldn't handle the wait anymore and started yelling at them very loudly! After that her meds were filled out in 30 seconds and I got mine 2 minutes after that. I mean how hard is it to grab 2 inhaler canisters off the shelf and put them in a bag? Wish they would hurry things up and realize customers are people but sick people that just want to go home and get better.

Anyways much to the disappointment of my Wife and Gaming Clan I have been laying on my couch trying to get better and playing Skyrim for the past few weeks. Hopefully this stuff works quickly and I can stop coughing and get back to some Wife and FPS gaming soon. Oh and feeling better lol!

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