Monday, November 7, 2011

MW3 The Vet and the NoOb

Ok even though I have pretty much zero intention of getting this years annual COD release I still found the advertising quite entertaining. This new commercial is no different and even if you hate Activision they do have some smart PR people to some extent. Enjoy!

I have honestly watched this about 10 times but still have no interest in buying the game at this time. I will maybe get it for my xbox 6 months down the road when I can get it from EB games for $20 used to play out the SP storyline started in cod4. Although that wait might be longer as they only just dropped MW2 to $20 just this past week! So hating on IW for hating the PC Community still. Don`t hate me...I know a lot of you still have a boner for this game!

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