Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh Skyrim You Bastard!

The above video is, well, low brow but makes me cough laugh my ass off! Cough laugh? Yeah Bronchitis (see earlier post) bloody hells it sucks. Anyways back to Skyrim - Man I cannot stop playing this game! Everytime I get a little bored of what I am doing you can always find more of something new to distract you onto another path! Want to cut wood for 17 hrs straight? Betheseda Thought of that! Want to run through the fields and pick flowers? Betheseda made it possible. Want to sit in a deep dark mine and mine ore all day long? Yep Betheseda thought of that too. Hey want to go on a murderous killing spree and kill off a whole town? Yep got it. How about assassinations? Uhuh. Pickpocketing? Yep. Beating up chickens? Look you're not scaring me the games got it. Hmmm, can you catch butterflies? Yawwwn yep.  Can I shoot arrows into the air while I am talking to some schmoe and let the arrow come back down and impale him? Ok look this game has everything ok! Ok, ok, can I find cabbage and make cabbage soup? Arrgh! Yes Ok! Can I go around screaming at rabbits and scare them to death? ....yes. Look you can do all these things - hell you even run around naked (sorry loin clothe or bikini gitch depending on male or female) but don't expect people to turn a blind eye as they will all comment on your nudity. You can do some really cool things and become some real awesome things. You can get into the thievery quests, assassin quests, rid the realm of the evil empire or rid the realm of the rebels. You can join the magicians circle or become (spoilers!) a werewolve or vampire. You can be a mage, warrior, thief whatever. You can run around and just mine and create armour and weapons and sell them all day long. You can run around fields collecting flowers and shit and make potions all day long. You can dungeon troll and soul capture every demon you see and enchant weapons and armour. You can get married or own a house or five. Buy a horse, the list is endless. My god this game is so addictive I could easily put over 300 hrs into this. I am currently close to 100 hrs and have BARELY scratched the surface of gameplay! I have barely completed 1/2 of the main quest. Everytime you do one thing you can get distracted by as easily a thing as picking flowers or chasing more goddamn Butterflies for a quest/potion or running off in a direction to hunt for more locations. Or look for more dragon homes or walls of words of power! Or hunt for Deaedric Weapons/Armours and quests.

AHHHH! Ok gotta stop before I race and start playing again. This game is killing me. I love it so much - very epic! Betheseda outdid themselves. First I played Morrowwind and I logged easily 800+ hrs then came Oblivion and well lets say after 150 hrs I gave up and didn't finish as it wasn't quite to my liking and now Skyrim. Seems to me that they used a lot of Morrowwind influence with a smattering of Oblivion which suits me just fine. I mean it - if you hate RPG's then maaaaaaybe not for you BUT if you even kinda love RPG's then BAM! It is gonna hook ya as it will have something you love. Gripes - loading screens and marriage (once your married you can't undo it and killing your mate won't reset it - I tried lol).

Get it - Live it - Love it!

Now if I can find the off button, my Wife and Gaming Clan would love it! (sorry Honey/Guys)

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