Thursday, November 10, 2011

One of the Most Annoying Weeks EVER!

Not the worst! As some of you have had a much harder time than me lately so I can't make that claim now. Get better soon all you sickies out there! Anyways I can say the past 7 days went downhill last Friday! I had a small procedure done (ok a vasectomy) and things started out fine til the Doc did my right side and let's just say that at that point I had NEVER experience that much pain my life! Seems the freezing didn't take so yes I felt the scalpel cut in and him use one of the tools to grab the cord (or whatever it was) I had no choice I had to lie still BUT I yelled out and grunted in pain pretty loud let me tell you! The Doc immediately grabbed the needle and JABBED it in to re-freeze the area and then back away hands in the air asking me to let him know when the pain subsided! The pain is more pressure based as it was pure pressure I felt like someone pulling HARD on your balls (sorry ladies you think you know pain til this happens - blah blah labour pain yeah yeah yeah). SO with that out of the way (or first the guy that was next door to me I kept hearing the Nurses ask if he was alright - well he RAN, literally RAN out the door and left his wife behind! The other guys in the room went from laughter to faces of white terror my Wife said lol!) Anyways I was fine despite that and went home put some ice down my pants and sat down to play at the computer. Thank Goodness my wife's Parents came into town to help out as My wife was going out of town for a week for work so they would stay and help til I got back on my feet.

Things went fine til Sunday, I played on my computer with ice on my boys and the Boys played upstairs with their Grandparents - They took the youngest to Swimming Lessons and dragged the eldest alongas well so I could run to Wal-Mart to get the Youngest's Cars 2 Blu-Ray replaced as it wouldn't work - did that and well it had snowed and no one had done the walk and Gran has a bad hip and so I did the walk and threw down some de-icer. Not great as my balls began to swell up and cause me some discomfort so I had to re-ice - fine and dandy. Sunday night was not so great - My youngest had mentioned his tummy hurt so instead of going downstairs to game that night I stayed upstairs to listen and well around 10:30 pm the fireworks went off as both boys began puking their guts out! During my running up and down the stairs getting bedding in the wash and showering and cleaning their rooms I wondered where my helpers were as they HAD to be hearing this. As I got madder and madder I noticed that Mother In Law was also in the bathroom a lot and I wondered what was going on. I couldn't think straight and just continued on getting bedding run through the wash and getting the boys washed after each time hoping it would be the last. Around 7 am when the youngest was going through another bout and as I was getting him ready I could hear the Grandparents moving around downstairs and I thought "Yay they heard and are getting ready to help me out!" Boy I was wrong - by the time I got downstairs with my next load of laundry I watched in horror as they pulled away from the house and were gone...I was dumbfounded and extremely pissed off! I let my wife know my frustrations over texts to her and all she could offer (since she hadn't talked to them) was that maybe they were mad or worried I was mad about something. Uh I wasn't mad at them til that lol! It wasn't til late Tuesday that I found out that Mother In Law was barfing her guts out and that they thought it best to just up and leave before Father In Law got the same thing. I was a little relieved at that point and felt a bit guilty as well since I had been so mad at the time but maybe a word or two might have alieved any frustration on my part. My I really didn't get to thank them for helping out!

Things sailed along Tuesday and had the eldest at school while my youngest laid around feeling better and better and things looked for Wednesday to be back on track and me back at work finally. Things got worse...Wednesday Morning around 2 am I shot up, the same way I shot up a week prior when I too had the same malady, and ran to the bathroom! This continued on til 7 am when both kids were up and fighting and making me cry. I had no choice I had to call in back-up as I couldn't function or move or do anything. Luckily my Parents were able to come in and relieve the pressure. On there way in was when they worst thing happened to me - as I was dry heaving my lower rib popped in and out of place (pretty sure it is torn cartilage) and almost blacked out! So I was able to sleep despite the pain and my parents took care of things til 3:30 pm when my Wife's plane came in and they picked up my eldest from school and left for home. So now we just gotta get the furnace fixed, get over the stomach bugs, clean the ENTIRE house, buy food and wash clothes. I also need to get to a Doctor to confirm that I tore the cartilage in my Rib and get some anti-inflamitories. What I have read online is this is a 3-4 weeks recovery as long as I don't re-injure it during that time. Like say sneezing.....owwwww! I almost blacked out at work this morning when I sneezed - my side still hurts over 1 hr later.....

How was your week?

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