Monday, November 7, 2011

Since I am at home today...

TBH it was supposed to be a day off alone in the house to recover from a "little" man procedure from Friday. After a weekend alone in the house with the in-laws and fighting kids I thought I could just have a semi-quiet day playing Battlefield 3. Life has a way of reminding me, in a good way, that my life changed 6 years ago and that my wants don't always matter.

Around 10 pm last night my oldest started off the proceeding by running into the bathroom with puke streaming behind him. My youngest followed a half later when I could hear choking from his bedroom to run in a find him laying on his back with not a very pretty sight of mess around him. Good thing I decided not to game last night and just went to bed and stayed up listening when the youngest had said his tummy hurt and I thought better of gaming for a night. The oldest would go a few more times but the youngest kept up this pace every half hour til 8 am this morning. Needless to say every sheet we had will need to or will have been in the wash since 10 pm last night. In-laws probably thought I was rude and was gaming but in reality I was running up and down the stairs washing puke soaked sheets all night and making sure the boys were warm and washed up after each session.

So today I am sitting here watching as my youngest is sleeping on the couch holding his brand new spiderman car with a puke bucket next to his head. My oldest? Jumped out of bed this morning and was good to go. So off to school he went - maybe not the best but he insisted he was fine and he showed no signs of being sick or even have a temp anymore.

So what happned around here? I couldnt take 2 secs to blog about anything? Nah just lazy and busy at work and also gaming. Just didn't feel like taking the time to string a few words together was all.

Today that will change since I have time while a certain little boy naps finally.

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