Monday, December 12, 2011

Last Big Skyrim Update

First off the above song is so awesome! Takes a common speech from the guards around Skyrim and turns it into Epic Goodness! Kudos!

Ok now onto my post. After 150+ hrs in the Realm of Skyrim I can finally say I have accomplished like 95% of what I set out to do.

Leader of Thieves Guild
Leader of Assassins Guild
Leader of Mage Guild
Member of Bard Guild
Leader of Companions
Imperial Champion that ended the rebellion
Deaedra Stooge
Master Criminal
1000/1000 gamer points on Xbox :D

I did everything I wanted to try out and took each section to the end. Didn't realize I would become the Leader of all these Guilds but Hey I am the Dragonborn I can handle the responsibility. I killed people, I stole shit, I made sweet magic and Dragons fall before my voice, I tore people up and ended a rebellion. I did things I saw things I chased godamn Butterflies with my oldest kid cheering me on! Everytime mushrooms were seen cries were rallied and by gosh those things were picked. I had fun with the game.

I must admit that I have loved these kind of games since I had my 800+ hrs thrown into Morrowind back in 2002 (and is in fact still sitting in my cd rack beside me right now). I approached this game just like all the others -  I set out and roamed and sought out as many locations as I could - picking the ingredients as I went and slowly getting into the feel of the world. I then slowly began entering the dungeons, caves and towers I found and began to kill and reap the rewards of my newly found loot. For maybe the first 40-50 hrs this is pretty much all I did. Then I slowly did some quests as they popped up only to find that some of things I had to do were already done in my search of this new world. Wandering the world did a couple of things for me - It got me to look at some beautiful scenery - It got me into some areas and some loot I wouldn't have gotten by following the main quest off the bat - I think it helped out with all the glitches this game has and that I didn't experience them quite as much as many others did.

Yes there were gltiches and many many re-loads of save games BUT most of the glitches could be worked around or made to work if you just pushed it. I discovered you could own a house to store your loot and that was what I did. So many things were just discovered by wandering the landscape that soon the game began to unfold before me instead of straight heading into the battle. I stumbled into quest lines that weren't to be til much later down the road but I did them as I saw fit as it seemed right to do. I wanted to get into a dwarven dungeon and couldnt so I began a quest on how to get into them, which I did and found out later it was part of the main storyline that wasnt meant til much later but the game allowed me to do it which I loved. The game allowed the gamer to do whatever they wanted! I have read about some of these passive gamers who don't kill and get through the game but that is a marvel that the game can be done in that manner.

This game has it all and when one thing becomes tedious so many others things are there to be discovered and experienced. One of the few things I did not finish (yet) was discovering all the Dragon Priest Masks and maybe need 1 or 2 more to enter another time to get the last one. One day I will venture back into this vast land but for now I want to let my avatar sit on the mountaintop and enjoy the view as I think he has earned it.

My time with the game is done for now...

Good day Skyrim I hardly knew you :D onto Assasin Creed Revelations and playing more BF3 - clanmates are missing me from the past month.

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