Saturday, February 18, 2012

Finally Played the Shit out of RDR!

It took me 3 tries to get into the game but boy when I finally sat down and PLAYED it I had a blast! The first 2 times I tried to play the game I lasted a total of 2 1/2 hrs and thought "Why did I buy this game? And on Launch day?" Yeah 2 years ago I bought this and finally got around to playing it! I tried, really tried 2 years ago but the game just didn't rub me right and I had a multitude of other games I wanted to play more. After a second attempt to get into the game failed it sat in my game drawer til early this year. I have a habit of playing new games and get bored if the game becomes tedious or no real accomplishments are made and then after awhile I want to play them again to see if I can squeeze more cheevos out of them. Well with RDR I only had 2 achievements for 20 points and thought I could do better and I have no other new games so I will push myself to play it. The game grew on me the more and more I played it and soon I was blasting hats off and killing bears with my Buffalo Rifle with a well placed head shot. I didn't have any real interest in playing the multiplayer but thought I would give it a go since hell I had nothing else to play at the moment. Had my fun and good thing Rockstar had 3x XP going on. Had my fun and got to level 30 and gained a few more achievements and got my total to 1135/1500. Not bad in 80 hrs of play. I think I have had my fill but who knows....I might just have to pick up my LeMatt one more time. I found that to really do this game you would need to GRIND it out to get 100% and I like to have fun so grinding out the 100% really isn't my thing. However, Rockstar really put out a great game with few complaints from me other than it took me so long to get into it. I also hated how John ran around with a gun in his hand - made it impossible to get onto ladders or through doors without dying at least once from zombies and whatnot. And how many times did I want to shoot my horse in the head for running away from me when I got next to it! lol

Anyways had fun with it and wished I had played it more when more of my friends were playing it. Makes getting some of the achievements hard when you don't have buddies to start up a posse or watch your back in a game of Land Grab.

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