Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance

Got to go see this lastnight and was not sure on what to expect. I knew about the directors having watched the Crank movies and was hoping for a little craziness. Well I did get that and the sequel, in my mind, was much better than the first but still not quite there. For one it was PG-13 which normally wouldn't be too bad but I would have liked to see a little more from this type of movie. Cage was very quircky and played JB/GR a lot different than he did the first time out. This time he got to play GR instead of having Stunt People do it and so the performance was much different. He didn't talk much this time around and he had this weird neck/head twitch thing going on but it made the character different. A little more frightening and not Earthy which is exacly how he should be played. I only wish there was more screen time with the Rider and not so much the other people. I came to see a Ghost Rider movie and not some character drama. In this I think the movie failed in that it focused too much on other characters but yet we were given no story on it. A little more focus please. Also a little more action as again the movie got dragged out with long pauses of talking and nothing happeneing except for Cage acting all nutty which normally wouldn't be bad but when you have a bunch of people standing around and only cage acting it is a bit weird. Again writing lacked a bit and needed to focus a bit more.

In the end I had fun but wished for more of the action/crazy shots that the directors are known for, a little more focus and of course a lot more Rider. Next time...

6.5/10 for me - still good to watch but not giving me the penance stare.

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