Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mass Effect 2/3

Ok so I played this game when it first came out on PC and really loved despite not having played the first one. Now that Mass Effect 3 is less than 2 weeks from release I decided to give it a go on Xbox and see how I liked it. The result is mind blowing! I love it! I am having fun trying to remember how I played the first time out so that I can maximize my Paragon Points. I want everyone to survive for part 3. The game runs quite well on the Xbox but I do notice that after a 3 hr session that the Xbox starts to get taxed and starts having issue with loading and I keep getting pauses while it loads when I am running down a hallyway. Anyways the game runs and looks great and I cannot wait for part 3 in 2 weeks. I love how every choice has a consequence and you can either be a dick or be the hero.

Ok I played the demo for Mass Effect 3 and things felt....weird. It seemed like Shepard was floating in the world to me. I know this game is Kinect Compatible and maybe this change is why it runs like this but it really took me out of the experience of playing the game. It doesn't feel like he has weight and I hope that this is fixed for retail. In the above video it looks right to me but when I played it felt..floaty. Time will tell.

Gonna have to find Mass Effect and play that as well. This is a nice fun series but heavy on scripted and feels a little light on actual gameplay. Hoping Part 3 will reverse this a bit.

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