Friday, March 23, 2012

I Am Alive is Great!

I wasn't sure but after a half hour with the demo/trial I knew I had to purchase the full game (or unlock it as downloading the trial is the full game and just unlocks it to get the cheevos). The game follows a man looking for his wife and child and due to the "Event" where the majority of the human populace has been wiped out and barely survive above the dust and his adventure to them. Along the way you will climb and gather whatever resources you can to survive and along the way can help others in worse condition than you or try and survive those who would dominate others around them.

The game is very de-saturated in color and shows the effects of the "Event" and how life has deteriorated to the point of near craziness. I found the game to be very engaging and can only wonder at how a full retail release would have turned out.  You start the game off with 3 replays which means if you die you get back to a cheackpoint to try again but after that you will start from the last save point again. You can gain more replays by finding them in-game or by helping other people out.

The game is a challenge when you don't know what is ahead but if you get killed and have to restart the level/checkpoint you quickly learn where things are and what to do. You are constantly on the lookout for supplies or gear to help you and while searching is recommended you are limited by stamina. Stamina is the name of the game are making sure you have enough stamina to get out of an area or finishing climbing a building is essential to your survival.  The more supplies you find also help you out to help others out as sometimes they need certain supplies. Keep your eyes out and grab those supplies but be mindful of the stamina.

I cannot recommend this game enough as with it now coming to the PS3 soon enough people should give it a try. Well worth it.

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