Friday, March 23, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Ending Tweaks!?

So I read that Bioware is changing the ending to Mass Effect 3 in some way, shape or form based on feedback from many angered gamers. While many are saying Bioware is stupid (among other things) for "caving" in to the few those that are the true die hards of the series are rejoicing! I am in the few that rejoice as I felt that the game seriously lacked in the ending the series needed/deserved! Now whether this comes in the form of some sort of dlc or addition I know not but welcome it with open arms.

Many feel that Bioware has simply lost it but if you look at it seriously the game really did not deserve the end it got. It felt rushed and truncated and really it was out of place from the rest of the series. However you look at it most felt Bioware dropped the ball on the ending. Many are trying to look at it as the ending is false and that Shepard was indoctrinated and this is the reason why we got the out of place ending we got. Didn't it seem strange that for all the smack talk Harbinger shit out that suddenly at the end he said NOTHING!? That he would just zap you and bam the end? How about the kid from your dreams showing up as the AI? Seems a little weird to me. I hated the ending, HAAAAAAAATEEEED IT! Thank the Maker that Bioware is changing it.

Maybe it was their plan all along....

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