Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mass Effect 3: Epic Sickness is at Hand!

Never has a game been so perfect and so epic only to lose it in the last minutes of the game. I feel sick, literally sick to my stomach having JUST finished the game on my first playthrough, and making the choice I made. I stood there before the final choices I am forced to make and literally felt empty and sick knowing that this was not the way to end this. 10 minutes I stood there with the thrumming of the music awaiting me to make the choice. My choice was....

Let me start by saying the Bioware has truly made a beautiful epic game series with the Mass Effect series but I, like MANY others, too feel that Bioware dropped the ball in the end. Mass Effect truly is a tour de force and never lets up until the end credits. At first I found some of the changes jarring having just played and beat Mass Effect 2 the day before 3 was released. I never did find the first game in the series although I could have sucked it up and downloaded it through XBL but don't like not having physical discs on hand. I found that a lot of the design changes took the game back to the first game in the series but with a combo of the improvements from ME2. I struggled at first with the changes but soon found myself going along with them.

The game quickly grew on me but I found that the exclusion of so many characters from 2 was a little off-putting and then began the slow decimation of all the characters I loved from ME2.  I mean was Mass Effect 2 so disgusting that Bioware felt they had to kill off almost every character from it? I was touched at the deaths to be sure and even shed a tear once or twice. All the while I had a secret hate going on for Bioware for killing my crew that I played through thick and thin with and that for the most part I cared for. Then comes ME3 and I am stuck with new characters and one I loathed from her brief appearance in ME2. I am on an even bigger suicide mission stuck with a crew I cared not for and was forced to engage with them. Yes I had Garrus but I barely knew Liara and Tali was a romance from a second playthrough (this import was using my Romance with Miranda) and I really hated Ashley right from the get go and barely interacted with her. SO here I am making a go of it and the game became so much more than just a game. I made choices along the way and tried to play paragon all the way (I did try to punch the reporter tho and that screwed up my ending thanks Bioware that one choice would screw with my ending!) I was truly scared when I did my final mission with Miranda (she was my romance still - I never made the choice for any other in ME3 and stuck with her). As I read that if not enough Paragon or no loyalty or romance then she will die. So I was truly thankful I was able to bring her through and keep her alive. Don't get me going on Mordin's hurrah as his under the breathe song made me weepy and actualy I stoppped playing the game for 3 days afterwards. If Miranda had died I don't think I could have beaten the game.

In any event I played and got invested heart and soul and felt that Bioware truly did make a great game. From the sound design to music right down to little tweaks the game was truly deserving of being epic. This was true for about 95% of the game but what it will be known for is the ending or lack thereof that unmade it from being Epic and made it a great series with a bummed ending. I know that this was Biowares game and that they invested their heart and soul into giving this game to the fans but for all the choices we made during the series it was all unmade with the 3 most un-choiciest of choices. After I helped the Geth and Quarians broker peace, lost the support of the Salarians by allowing Mordin to cure the genophage, made Joker and EDI fall for each other, made Jack a better person and saved her kids. It was all for nothing. Nothing, I destroyed it all with a choice I did not want to make.

...I chose to Destroy.

My Sheperd lived and I can only hope he made it back to Miranda....

...and I feel sick to my stomach over this....Please Bioware change the ending and give us back ALL the choices we made count! I know many won't read this but if you do then please retweet it or link it! I have over a 100 hrs of my life ripped from my soul on this ending.

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