Monday, November 12, 2012

A little old but not forgotten - Sleeping Dogs

Almost forgot about this little gem that had started me down my road of forgotten blog posting!

A little known game with a lot to offer! Sleeping Dogs was something of a whim to pick up and I wasn't let down. In fact this game impressed the hell out of me! From what I gathered later is the game is pretty much a GTA clone (having NEVER played the GTA (gasp!) series) but set in Hong Kong. Your character is a cop being send into the underground of the Triads to uncover and dismantle one of the groups from the inside. I found myself so immersed into the game and its surrounding that I barely noticed the passing of time in the real world and had fun getting cars and zipping around the city looking for action.

The game blends beat em up, guns, racing, martial arts, rpg, fps action all into one frenzied playground of fun! I had alot of fun in the game and loved the background of the city!

The pork bun guy killed me! I have never laughed so much as listening to this guy! Never got old for me! I do feel that the story felt a bit cliched for me BUT due to the new setting of Hong Kong made the game feels fresh. Wasn't just a button masher but you did have to watch your back to keep from going down too fast and too easy. A nice challenge!

I know it didnt sell alot but damn I did love the game. If you see this game pick it up! Maybe even rent it! I know some people were turned off by the GTA clone issues and even more by the amount of glitches within the game itself. I, myself, only experienced one glitch when I tried to play an objective that popped up by me instead of doing the others around the city first. The game locked up twice before I figured I should try all the other  objectives first before doing that one and it worked. Others, I read, had much worse thing happen and I feel bad for them. PC players had it worse when a month into release they still hadnt even gotten past the start screen! Yikes!

All in all this had been one of the most fun games I had played in awhile (until Borderlands 2 came along!) and really deserves a better chance from gamers.

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