Monday, November 12, 2012

Assassinating the Assassin in AC3

Assassins Creed 3 or the least fun Creed ever?!

I was so excited for this title! I was the hugest fan of all the past games that I couldnt wait to see what 2+ years of development would give us! All the teaser videos and images showed me this game would be epic and with all that pumped up excited they forgot to put the fun into the game....epic was no where to be found.....I am saddened by this release and think that another year of development would have helped out big time.

Is the game bad? No it has a lot of great stuff in it but it doesnt "feel" like an AC game and the bad control issues and terrible optional objectives and just plain glitchiness of the game ruins whatever it had going for it. I did not have much fun at all doing the main missions for this game whatsoever! The stuff in between is what helped me to finish the game and get me through the pain of it all. The thing is when a game makes you stop and follow around people in your homestead for hours in order to "watch" them and place details into a book isn't much fun and will run you around 5-6 hours of literally standing around scanning people. Not much happens out of this other than to gain you an achievement(s). If you dontcare for acheivements then I think the game would be much more fun but to even attain any level of success you much constantly do things out of the ordinary in order to achieve success. I mean when during a main mission you come across 5 guys in a room and kill 4 of them then get told as soon as you walk away you failed becuase you didn't get a 3 combo or took too much damage and oh guess what because you went too far now you have to start the ENTIRE mission over again is kinda dumb in my opinion. This kind of after the fact optional objectives popping up after you have failed gets old fast and it happens throughout the enitre game. Times you think you are doing it right only to discover you pushed some dude or got touched by fire or didnt run the right path and you failed. This kind of strict approach to the main missions grinds on you after awhile (only if you care about getting 100% synch) and gets so aggravating by the end of the game you just never want to touch it again. I can tell you I spent 5+ hrs and 100+ replays on the final privateer naval mission because the game requires then punishes you for having a fully upgraded ship and then having to sink the final 3 ships by a powder kill. To get this powder kill is so much luck based it kills me to think about it. Never has my controller come so close to sitting it the screen of my TV! After all this I finally got a system down for taking out those ships but only after every other tactic from online failed to work for me! NEVER again I thought will I play a mission like that again! (I was wrong of course as one of the final mission during the main storyline makes you do this all over again only having to do 2 ships instead of 3!)

Another really bad mission was the final one and let me tell you I was screaming and yelling and hitting my couch as it was step fail replay rinse and repeat for 45 minutes - if you didnt do the right thing after 3 steps you failed the 100% and the game REQUIRES you to take it's path set out for you! This is just bad coding and poor scripting. Another one that really bothered me is one of the side missions and after finding what you set out to find you are attacked by 3 wolves and no matter how fast you hit your buttons you fail and will not get the 100%! I can tell you that after being 10th in the world for animal hunting (at the time - i think i have slipped to 40th now) that I knew how to kill these animals but the game wanted to set some sort of "difficulty" and wouldn't allow that experience to count and so set an aggravating unachievable goal. Here is where I got even more pissed as the devs clearly didn't want this either to happen - I tried to use my trip mines as the animals would trip them and be blown up and therefore not using the ranged weapons it warned me not to use - well as soon as i would put them down suddenly my first mate would run over the trip mines and set them off....thanks devs....after 20 minutes of restarts I figured a new method of having to kill them after another easy method was closed off (try to air assassinate the wolves and see how they auto move out of the way!) but then the devs missed that the wolves would move and stick so I get up and stab them anyways!  Another thing that set me off was that I could free run with zero issues in between missions but as soon as I was in a mission suddenly Connor would spaz out and randomly run up walls off to the side or jump onto things that I clearly didnt not intend for him to do - this caused many a failure of objectives and proves to me that QA did not help this game out at all - if enough QA had been done with having to successfully do all these objectives then the game would not have shipped like this. This kind of constant replay-stop-replay over and over again really killed immersion into what should have been a game of the eyar contender and instead is already being returned.

The random encounters for deliveries, couriors and assassinations also need to patched up as so many time i run up to them and....nothing....later on i figured out that I couldnt just run up to them slam my key and run away - nope you have to first find them, make sure the icon is on your map, then hit your button to accept the mission when it prompts you and then wait.....sometimes for 30 seconds for the save icon to pop up and then suddenly the icons pop up on your screen to go forth. IF this fails you must run away and come back. Also these icons if missed do not stay on your map so if during your travels to pass one by thinking I will do it later - make sure you remember where it was becuase the game doesnt remember for you.

Upgrades to weapons do no good - the ones you start off with are the best ones and so getting new ones makes no sense other than to just pad gameplay to get more money to attain them. Assassins don't really help at all as most of the time they are locked from being used in main missions and in the frontier.

Lots of micromanaging to attain money but I found this one of the few fun things to do and so didnt mind the grind.

the first 6 sequences have nothing to do with the main character! they could have sped things up but after finishing the game things made sense but still it seemed weird to be the main character for only half of the game.

Some good stuff?! Yes there is a lot of good - the story is not too bad - the hunting - tree climbing (albiet one tree! damn you eagle synch tree!) all run awesome within the game. The naval battles are quite fun (baring the last one and the last one during main storyline). There is a lot to see and do - the engine is a great upgrade.  Multiplayer has been totally overhauled and was a blast to play! Wolf pack mode is by far the most fun!

In the end this game was a total letdown for me in that I had much higher expectations for it. Is it worth playing? Yes. Others may not mind the bad controls or glitches and the tedious optional objectives but for me they killed the fun. I am glad I am done the game.

Except that I bought the season pass :( now I have to hope they fix these things and more bring us decent DLC!

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