Monday, November 12, 2012

Borderlands 2 or what the hell happedned to me!

Borderlands 2 or better known as what the hell actually happened to me!

First off let's say I dropped the ball on my blog - sorry I did - I meant to write all that time ago but a multitude of things just happened to postpone me from getting around to it - real life and laziness go hand in hand sometimes. The next few posts will be short and sweet on what I have been playing lately.

Fall has arived and nearly passed on and you know that means the influx barfing of studio games! This one happens to be Borderlands 2.

Borderlands 2 pretty much takes what worked in the first game and tweaks it to heaven sent goodness that melts in your mouth. The game flows better and has a much better narrative this time around but what it boils down to is loot and the finding of it. If you like shooting up a bazillion things then the game is for you!

There are 5 character classes to choose from (provided you paid for the 5th class or got her free from pre-order) and I chose to start off with the Assassin. I love this guy and have completely played through the game twice and the subsequent DLC that has appeared already. You dont have to choose any one weapon to stick with as all cahracters use each weapon well but you will find what works best for you. One thing I did notice in playing all 5 characters so far is that game was really geared towards the gunzerker and siren classes - this is even more evident with the boss fights as having the assassin makes you change up your style of play to finish those fights or so I found in my playthroughs. It was ok as I was loving the game and what it had to throw at me!

 I cant really say how much I love this game but in the case of any game there are downsides - those glitches! I didn't experience much with my first character but on subsequent characters things have broken down a bit. I am currently at the beginning of my second playthrough with the Gunzerker and am quite literally unable to continue in the game as suddenly all enemies have up leveled to 49-52 on me when my character is only level 37. Nothing like taking 3 hrs to kill 4 bullymongs! So I am literally unable to continue until a proper patch fixes that one. I was lucky with the rest of the glitches people are experiencing so far, Badass points reseting, lost skins, heads, gold keys or the newest glitch to hit Xbox was the graveyard.sav error. The latter was just patched the other day and thank goodness. The other thing is the game freeze with the last DLC boss - for so many they cannot get him to die without their xbox freezing on them. Luckily for me I had read about this and went about taking the loooong path to success. The rock method...took 7 tries but it finally worked and during the 1 hr waiting time I watched a movie with my oldest son. Then just as he died I waited for the turn in and check mark and dude to start talking then saved and quit - it worked! This is one of the many glitches that hoepfully Gearbox will get around to fixing.

The graveyard.sav glitch was due to some left over coding for a true hardcore mode that once you died your character was dead and gone forever and some modder found this coding in the game and activated it and the thing was it spread from xbox to xbox destroying many gamers hard earned time and loot. Basically if you died and went to the start screen instead of respawning your character was doomed. Thankfully for me this never happened and when I read of it kept away from coop play for a good 2 weeks to prevent this happeneing. I also backed up all my characters just in case.

Right now I am slowly leveling my 3 other characters (cant continue with my gunzerked atm due to level glitch) in the game awaiting other releases and further DLC before I go hardcore into the game again.

Not much more I can say about this game other than if you loved the first one this sequel should appeal to you as well. If you hated the first one chance are you wont much like this one either. Glitches aside the game is so far my game of the year! Just make sure you look out for all the easter eggs and there sure are a lot of them! Makes a game more fun when you know the devs had fun making the game!

UPDATE: I now see a typo in the title but I find it funny so I am leaving it there!

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