Monday, November 12, 2012

Hyah Minion! Onwards!

The above is not my picture (for some reason it wouldnt let me upload my image from my computer or from facebook) BUT the intent is there! It took awhile but I finally got my own claptrap! After playing the first Borderlands and its sequel I started clamouring for this fig and seeing as I buy very FEW toys these days I had to have it! I used to be a HUGE toy and comic collector but that gave way to kids and their needs and so I let (most of) my old habits die off (I still buy games didn't ya know!?). I think it is ok to still grab a toy here and there once in a blue moon and looking for this toy soon escalated into must have! Being from Canada it is hard to find toys around here!

While I was told these were at Toys R Us it was only US TRU's that they are stocked and NOT Canadian. Even asking to do a transfer from a US store didnt help as they couldnt even find it using the TRU Model number I had from the US Stock. So online I went and looked and nauseum! See we also have the issue with not being allowed to order from Amazon.COM only .CA and while on the US site this fig was listed at $11.99 and the .CA it was listed at $100 BEFORE shipping! Going to numerous sites resulted anywhere from $75-140 to get just 1 figure ordered and that wasn't to cut it! Ebay was around the $100 mark as well. I grew desperate and I asked Neca Toys if they were going to re-release the fig and low and behold they let me know that another shipment had gone out as I asked! I waited about 4 days then went to Entertainment Earth and there it was back in stock! I ordered my set right away (only came in the 2 pack along with the psycho) and 3 days later the site listed as out of stock! PHEW! So for the 2 figs plus shipping is cost me just over $50 so I felt that was a fair deal! 12 days later I had a nice box show up and tore into it!

He now sits at my computer desk egging his minion onward!

...I am such a!

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