Monday, November 12, 2012

Tonight I dine on SNOW! COD BO2

Yep tonight I get to brave the -10 degree weather in the snow and wind to pick this up at midnight! I didn't know if I was going to get this title but since enough of my PC friends have said they are willing to get it means I guess I will as well. I really hate that they have done away with Rented Dedicated Servers and gone with matchmaking - means that I will never play with all my online clan friends at the same time unless we play the even laggier P2P unranked servers. Sad that PC gaming has gone this way. I swore that Blackops would be my last COD but a nice sale got me MW3 for less that $20 on xbox (and I only played SP) and swore off of BO2 but like I said enough friends have commited this time so THIS will be my last COD for PC - the series is just too heartbreaking to play on the PC! Why cant we have what worked with COD4? Activision must REALLY hate PC gamers to stoop this low now that they have forced Treyarch to further bypass us. We got the excuse that "We had more complaints about bad admins than we did cheaters on PC and therefore are taking servers away from bad admins and doing it ourselves" oh and at the same time screwing over the PC community once again as it makes it harder for multiple friends to game together. But hey games arent about drinking a few beers and playing and fragging with buds right?!

My tweets to David Vonderhaar or pcdev netted me nearly zero info: I got "Don't understand the question. The game supports up to 18 players." from DV when I asked if I can play with 17 of my friends in the same server on PC. Further explanations and inquiries netted no further responses.  My questions as to why there are no rented servers anymore also went unanswered.... a bit frustrating as to why it is so hard to answer a fan a simple question who didnt understand why a game he loved was further being taken away from him. I just want to play with friends in the same server together online....on PC. Why is that so hard to answer? At least when I asked Dan Amrich about the Elite program for PC I got an answer right away but with no clear indication of it coming, nor have I seen any further info about Elite for PC. At least we have steam to get the DLC from if I am even willing to get it this time around.  Sorry I know that these guys are very very busy great guys and dont have time for every fan question and are not obligated to even give me a response but it still stings when I ask a question and dont get an answer. I tried...


I guess at midnight I will find out....

I am still up in the air over the xbox release as well but may wait (will see) :D

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