Saturday, January 19, 2013

Far Cried to myself 3 times!

This man IS insane! Without him Far Cry 3 would be a totally different experience! I laughed, I cried (not really) and pooped my pants (figuratively!) but I had a HUGE blast playing the SP campaign of this wonderful game! This game is, if looked at properly, a perfect example how a stressful fucked up situation can drive man to insanity and back and make sense!

I won't really get into the story but suffice it to say not everything you see in the game is actually real? What I got out of it anyways is that some of the stuff that happens maybe does so in your head because, let's face it, immature party boys getting captured by pirates and put into a dangerous situation might make you a bit insane. If you can spot the nuances of the story maybe you might take it the same way as well. I thought the writers touched on this very well and left me some questions in the end about some of the "experiences". Basically put you escape, you kill, you learn and adapt and then you rescue and seek revenge only to discover that maybe you have gone over the edge and it brings you back, changed forever, but better.

You start off being just a immature party boy and slowly through travel, exploration and situations you have to fight out of in order to survive and save your friends you become a self sufficient killing machine. You hunt, hide, sneak and snipe. You drive, pick plants and loot dead bodies. You find long lost letters and relics and tap into things you dont understand. You drink and eat things you would never do. You discover that going over the edge can make you a better man and that you can be relied on! Really I can't say enough about this game - it was really fun and sucked me right into the world. The ending snaps you out of it and brings you back to the reality and that's how I chose the ending I did. I snapped out of it and came back...different but better.

Coop in Far Cry 3 is a crap shoot to be honest - I tried to get into it only to be left sitting there in the menu waiting for what seemed like 20 minutes without joining one sesssion. What I have heard from other people is the same - online coop is a gltichy poorly coded mess. Why Ubisoft decided to local matchmaking/hosting I wont understand! What is with these Devs?! Again like Halo 4 we have the same system that is once again broken! I think the best Xbox MP experience has been Gears of War 3 and Call of Duty Bo 2 so far. I haven't tried to buddy up with friends yet for Coop yet only because they are never playing FC3 when I am or they are when I am on another game! I still hear that it is broken with missions breaking, people falling out of maps, missions not updating and getting stuck or enemies not spawning or just plain crashing and booting guys. Achievements not unlocking is also a common problem but I hear it is better to game with buddies for the coop so I want this route when I get to it.

MP is still a mess (local matchmaking/hosting) but isnt AS broken as COOP - still when you can tell who the host is as he can run 600 miles per hour and drop you before you turn isnt fun. Again when the connection was working things ran smoother and the MP wasn't so bad then. Things seemed fairly balanced and more skill based when it ran smoothly. When you had a bad connection it was lag kills, spawn kills and zero skill was needed.

Overall you could skip out on the coop and mp and just focus on the SP campaign! If the game was JUST this I think we would have had a GOTY on out hands but the Broken Coop and Ok MP brings it down to mar the experience. I would recommend this game if you can find it discounted or used only because of the Coop or MP but would tell yuo buy it NOW NOW NOW! if was just the SP as it was worth every second to me!

Excuse me while I go clean my shorts.....


  1. I finished the single player and it was amazing. "Far" better than the last two. The ending was not expected. As far as Co-Op, I haven't tried it. I rented the game and do not want to purchase an online pass. I am now trying to get the achievements that are left but will probably just sit out on the Co-Op ones.

  2. yeah i am hoping to get to do coop with friends as trying through online is a joke