Saturday, January 19, 2013

My First REAL Halo Experience

So I guess i am one of the few who have NEVER played Halo! Yep that's right, NEVER! I played a bit of ODST but I am told that is a crap game compared to the REAL Halo. I tend to agree as I had no clue what was going on in ODST and really didn't enjoy the game.

So the release of Halo 4 came and went and I never picked it up despite the Hoopla and Praise thrown it's way. I waited til the boxing week christmas sales and got it for dirt cheap. It sat on the floor for around 2 weeks before I got around to cracking it open! (Hey what can I say I have around 6 games on the go ATM so cut me some slack!) After finishing up the great SP campaign of Far Cry 3 (you thought I was gonna say Halo 4 didn't you?!) I decided to finally delve into Halo 4.

I started right off in SP (as I always do) on Legendary (not sure if this was smart given I have never played a Halo game before lol) and am just on the 2nd mission now. The game is pretty good but does have a few flaws for me but nothing that won't break me or stop me from continuing on. Don't like that you can't refill ammo from running over dropped enemy weapons and that you have to pick them up nor the fact that you can only hold 2 weapons. Don't like that programmers think that difficulty means every enemy points right at you when you run around like they know where you are at any moment! Lazy! Make them tougher, more health, smarter. This laziness of the harder the difficulty that more clued right into your exact position stuff seems like COD to me. These really are my only gripes with SP so far. Otherwise it feels very solid.

After dying for the 32nd time at this one checkpoint I decided to try out MP as I had read a few of my friends saying it was the best yet! I'm but when it takes and 8 gb install and then another 45 minutes to get into a first MP match that isn't the "best ever" for me. Still this day and age and Devs are still the ol' matchmaking/hosting? cmon guys it is called D-E-D-I-C-A-T-E-D S-E-R-V-E-R-S-! Get on that! I know I am a newb or N0ob or FNG but I know I can do better than getting me ass handed to me! Seems like everyone has auto headshots locked right onto me lol! I sit there and fire 3 clips into a guy and he spins and one shots me! I hate that game comes down to lag kills rather than skill kills. You can ALWAYS tell WHO the host is as he has 45 kills and 2 deaths as he has ZERO lag. I found that despite my super expensive internet speed that the game would constantly lag out or switch hosts resulting in a lot of deaths on my part. The other thing that bothers me is having the game constantly log me of or losing xbox live connection! In one 2 hr sesssion halo said I lost connection to xbox live 15 times! When I click my home button it showed me still connected! I would then have to leave then game and restart it for it to register I was still connected! That is bad net code! Another thing thing that needs to be fixed IMO.

It wasn't ALL bad though as when I did have a good connection to the host things went VERY smooth and I had fun and did very well sometimes having a 3 KDR by match ends and would finish top 3 in the match. I can only hope that future patches fix these minor gripes otherwise I won't be able to handle to lost connections and lag spikes.

So how I would even rate my time in the Halo Universe - good! With a heavy chance to being GREAT if things on MP could be fixed. I feel like I am getting my money out of the game and don't feel like I wasted it so that is another good thing. Unlike Assassins Creed III which I have to still go back and get the DLC and finish it up again - ugh (I paid for stupid season pass so I dont want to further waste my money on that one by ignoring it).

Anyways happy gaming! If you havn't added me yet on Xbox then: Elkon Vryce


  1. I have had it for three weeks now. Still sealed. lol I'm a big Halo fan but there is just too much to play at the moment.