Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oops Borderlands 2 did it again!

So I was happily playing the New "Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt" DLC for Borderlands 2 and taking my sweet ass time and was actually stuck on Voracious the Invincible raid boss when bad things happened.

Let me back up a bit first. I had put around 10+ hrs into the DLC (yes I take my time because I WANT to enjoy the game) and was stuck on the last big boss (i started off will a million bucks in my pocket and by the time the event happened i was down to just over 100K) and was researching just how in the hell people were taking this guy on solo. I came home with a semi plan in place and failed miserably. Dejected went back to work to finish out the day and think further on just how the hell I was going to finish this guy without pleading for help from Xbox Friends!

Anyways I got home from work, had a beautiful Date Night with the Wife, watched a movie, watched the series finale of Fringe and then I was free to do whatever I wanted. I came downstairs and fired up my Xbox and launched Borderlands 2 not being terribly excited as from reading online accounts of how to beat the raid boss I was seriously underpowered and equiped to do the job. Good thing I wasnt playing through in TVHM and only on PT1 otherwise my level 41 Salvador would have just laid down and died. Then it the game was loading it said I hadn't set a storage device and needed to select one...dun dun DUUUUN! I knew right away....the game had glitched and if I was right then all my Badass Rank, Skins, Gold Keys and gear would be gone and maybe even a Character may be deleted. Game goes to menu and thanks me for buying Borderlands 2 and says it has found a previous save game from Borderlands. FUCK! Load up character after character and save and quit. SHIT! I went from having 37+K Badass Rank and 56 Gold Keys down to 21K and 11 Gold Keys. The gear I had in Claptraps Storage, you know my level 50 legendary gear, GONE! I was pretty bummed out as you could imagine. So I went to my computer and sent in a ticket to get this sorted out...AGAIN and then went back to my Xbox and tried to beat Voracious again.

I had been thinking about how to beat this guy all day long and had found out people were using a few things - things I had no way of getting at this stage. The 3 big things were the Norfleet RPG, the Tresspasser Sniper and the Sham Shield. If you were to be perfect you need 2 of the RPG's and 2 Snipers to pull it off quickly. I had 1 Tresspasser and it was a Level 21 weapon, yes level 21! I had very crappy gear but I had to make it work. My RPG's were only level 33 and 32, I had no shield (thank you Badass Glitch!) and I had a level 35 Fire Assault Rifle. I was using my Level 41 Salavador as I said above doing PT1 only because I had read beforehand than this DLC was made for him or Axton and that the others would struggle a bit. I just wanted to enjoy myself anyways and actually level up a guy anyways. So I start, thanks for taking more eridium from me again raid boss, and rush in with plan in place:

For those wanting to know my method:
This was going to be tough as GearBox made this boss with coop in mind and top gear needed and since I had neither at this point I was going to try
2 Decent RPG - fire or explosive are best as he seems to resist other elements
1 Tresspasser - I had 1 level 21 which was going to make it HARDER (see below)
1 Fire Assault Rifle
I had no shield due to Badass Glitch - it was missing - I had a backup one back in Sanctuary but I didnt know i had no shield til after I did this!
Used a MIRV Nade Mod with explosive damage

Tactic:(Using Salvador) there are actually multiple enemies here Voracious being the big guy and Chief being his shield supplier and when Chief dies then Midgets spawn in his place. It starts out with Chief having the 100 million point shield and Vor having no shield - he will be the focus at the start. Do not get close to him or let him get close to you - when he does he fires out Corrsive Clouds that insta-kill you! the Key is to constantly circle the arena and DONT stop! If using Sal then Gunzerk and use RPG and Fire Assault Rifle and fire at Vor's belly (ground) His critical is his belly. Take his health down to just around 1/4 left - he will then take the shield from Chief and this is where you need to be careful (2 previous attempts using this tactic failed) as you need to take Chiefs health down just enough without killing him(be careful because Vor will kill Chief with no shields so it might take a few tries - if Chief dies before this next part it will take a long time to whittle down Vor's 100 million shield) and then run around until Chief takes his shield back and this is important because if done right then its game over for Vor. So Chief get the shield back and his health is almost gone and this is where you use the Tresspasser (my level 21 and this is why I had to do this tactic as the gun only did a little damage) as the Tresspasser ignores shields! Now shoot Chief! He will die and the shield goes with him! Vor is now vulnerable! FINISH HIM QUICK! Once he get health down a bit past the 1/4 he starts launching MULTIPLE unmissable AOE novas! You have about 15 seconds to drop him otherwise you are toast!

Collect your crappy level 32 gear :( and smile! I went from 1 mil to just under 90K in money doing this guy! If I had tried the above method I would have had more!

So back to my original story - I am still in contact with Gearbox Support - they have given me back MOST of my lost Badass rank and I am still waiting on getting back 45 gold keys. As for the gear and skins - gone once again!

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