Sunday, April 21, 2013

I am still here!

Once again I find myself distracted with real life and other oddities - not to fret I am still around and lurking! One thing to note that I have formed up with some other like minded gamers to form a new gaming site. Elite Gaming News - check us out today!
I will still be doing all my various shenanigans here but maybe a slight bit less formal game stuff - still doing gamer stuff but more personal perspective I guess.
I have also decided to get my life into a bit more control and have started to get healthier and in better shape using a program called RUSHFIT. To date I have lost 26 pounds and many many inches.
Other tidbits to talk about but man I need TIIIIIMMMME! Gosh I have no time! Anyways check us out above.
Elk Out! Later!

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